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Cambodia (updated 1 Nov 2010)
Cambodia Post
Details of postal services. No info about postage stamps.
Here a very interesting link to stamps from cambodia:

postal website : Ministry of Posts & Telecom Wat Phnom,
Corner of Street 13&102.
Phnom Penh 12000, Cambodia

Tel : +(855) 23 426510 or +(855) 23 724809
Fax : +(855) 23 426011
philatelic website :
online shop :

(updated 30 Novl 2008)

postal website : Principle Philatelique 
Centre Philatelique PTT 
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Canada (updated 19 Dec 2003)
Canada Post Corporation
New issues with images & details, ordering info, products on sale. Always updated. Online ordering now available. French & English. The Canadian Archives now offers the possiblity to see all stamps issued by Canada since 1851.

postal website : Canada Post Corporation 
National Philatelic Centre 
75 St. Ninian St. 
Antigonish , Nova Scotia 
Canada B2G 2R8

Tel : +1 902 8636550
Fax : +1 902 8676546
philatelic :
online shop :

Cape Verde Islands (updated 5 Jul 2008)
Correios de Cabo Verde

postal website : Correios de Cabo Verde - Filatelia
C.P. n° 220
Praia - Santiago
Republica de Cabo Verde

Tel : +238/611049
Fax : +238/611575
philatelic website :
online shop :
Related Sites
Philatelic Club from S.Vicente island has now a site.

Cayman Islands
(updated 5 Sep 2006)
Cayman Islands Postal Service
You can obtain printed information by post, simply ask by e-mail.
Now they have a website, with information on the Philatelic Bureau too! A printable subscription form and some order forms are available.

postal website : Philatelic Bureau
Seven Mile Beach Post Office
Grand Cayman, KY1-1200M,
Cayman Islands

Tel. +345 946 4757
Fax +345 949 4113
philatelic website :
online shop :

Central African Republic (updated 17 Sep 2009)

postal website : Direction des services postaux de l’Office National des Postes et de
l'Épargne (ONPE)

Tél.: +236 61 34 98
Fax: +236 61 78 80
philatelic website :
online shop :

Chad (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Office de la Poste
The public company of Post and Telecommunications has put on work its website - in the future the section of the OPT (Office de la Poste) will be working.

postal website :

Société tchadienne des postes et de l’épargne (STPE)
B.P. 1133

Tel: +2352521015

philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Chile (updated 30 Dec 2004)
The philatelic information is excellent, with illustrations for all stamps issued from 1997 to 2004 available. To view click on "filatelia", on left side select "catalogo productos", in drop down box select "sellos", then select the desired year.

postal website : Correos de Chile
Departamento Filatelico
Alameda 980 - Of. 148 Entrepiso

Tel : +56/2/6994531.123
Fax : +56/2/6386659
philatelic website :
online shop : YES (some issues)

China (updated 23 Feb 2006)
China National Philatelic Corporation
Images and details of new issues of stamps, stamp news. Regularly updated. English part of the site is (still) under construction. They don't sell new issues to foreign collectors. The "e-shop" has nothing philatelic on sale.

postal website : China National Philatelic Corporation 
14, Taipinghudongli, West District 
Beijing, China 100031

Tel : +86/1/3022364
Fax : +86/1/3011053
philatelic website :
online shop :
China philatelic websites

Christmas Island (updated 1 jan 2000)
Australia Post
Stamps of Christmas Islands are sold by Australia Post only. The old philatelic bureau has been closed.

postal website :

Australian Philatelic Bureau
Australia Post
PO Box 4000
Ferntree Gully Vic 3156

Tel : +61/3/98870033
Fax : +61/3/98870236

philatelic website :
online shop : YES

Cocos (Keeling) Islands (updated 1 jan 2000)
Australia Post
Stamps of Cocos Islands are sold by Australia Post only. The old philatelic bureau has been closed.

postal website : Australian Philatelic Bureau
Australia Post
PO Box 4000
Ferntree Gully Vic 3156

Tel : +61/3/98870033
Fax : +61/3/98870236
philatelic website :
online shop : YES

(updated 17 Sep 2009)
Very good start. A lot of philatelic info, a list of stamps currently on sale; spanish only.

postal website :

Oficina De Filatelia
Administración Postal Nacional
Edificio Murillo Toro, Piso 2
Santafé de Bogotà

Tel : +57/1/2841600
Fax : +57/1/2495351

philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Comoro Islands
(updated 30 Jul 2007)
SNPT - Société Nationale des postes & Telecommunications aux Comores
Snpt (Société Nationale des Postes et des Télécommunications des Comores) web site has poor info about stamps of Comores. The local official agent has a very detailed and interesting philatelic site with lot of info.

postal website : SNPT
Service commercial et marketing Poste département philatélique
BP 5000 Moroni

Tél : (269) 73 12 95 Fax : (269) 73 10 79

philatelic website (post office):
philatelic website (official agent):

online shop :
related sites:

Congo (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Société des Postes et de l'Epargne du Congo (SOPECO)

postal website : Direction générale
Société des postes et de l'épargne du Congo (SOPECO)
BP 39
République du Congo

Tel: (+242) 666 40 09
Fax: (+242) 81 49 24
philatelic website :
online shop :

(Democratic Republic of) Congo (updated 6 Nov 2010)
Formerly known as ZAIRE. Site has been closed.

postal website : Office Congolais des Postes et Télécommunications (OCPT)
Hôtel des Postes
1009, Boulevard du 30 juin
Rép. dém. du Congo

Tel:  +243 12 20037
Fax:  +243 12 20716
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Cook Islands (updated 10 Jul 2011)
General Post Office
Effective August 12th, 2010 Philatelic Collector Inc., has been appointed the new exclusive postage stamp agency for the Cook Islands.The agent do handle all sales of philatelic issues as collectables both on their website as well as at the bureau itself, the post office on the islands is responsible for the sale of issues for postage. The New Cook Islands Stamp Museum and Bureau is located on the Island of Rarotonga in Vaikapuangi on Takuvaine Road near the centre of town.

postal website : Philatelic Collector Inc
PO Box 3162
Sag Harbor, New York 11963 USA
philatelic website :
online shop :

Costa Rica (updated 19 Mar 2006)
Correos de Costa Rica SA
Beautiful site, with detailed description & images of recent stamp issues, info about subscriptions. Unfortunately the online shop has never opened up! English & Spanish.

postal website : Correos de Costa Rica S.A.
Central Post Office, Philatelic Office
PO Box 12900-1000 San José,
Costa Rica (Zapote)

Tel: +506 233-5182
Fax: +506 223-5182
philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Croatia (updated 23 Jun 2006)
HP (Hrvatska Pošta)
Excellent source of information for every collector of croatian stamps. Croatian and English.
Catalogue of stamps issued from 1991 to date, with technical details and description of the stamps. Croatian, english. Regularly updated with latest issues. Downloadable stamp programme and other interesting features. You can also buy the stamps by e-mail.

postal website :

HP – Croatian Post Inc.
Public Relations
P O Box 514
HR-10002 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 4981 047 and +385 1 4981 002 
Fax: +385 1 4981 296 and +385 1 4981 284

philatelic website :
stamp catalogue 1991 to date:

online shop : NO

email :

Cuba (updated 18 Sep 2009)
Philatelic agency Coprefil which is responsible for stamp sales do only sell postage stamps via its agent PHILAGENTUR in Germany.

postal website :

Correos de Cuba
Apartado 1000, O' Reilly 524,
La Habana 1,

philatelic website :,6
online shop :

Cyprus (updated 1 Aug 2006)
Cyprus Postal Services
Images of currently available postage stamps, an online order form, a subscription form. Updated with info about latest issues.

postal website : Department of Postal Service 
Stamps and Philatelic Service
CY 1900 Nicosia 

Fax : +357 22304154 

philatelic website:
old site (mirror):

online shop : NO

Turkish Cyprus can be found here.

Czech Republic (updated 18 Sep 2009)
Czech Post
Images of stamps since 1993, new issues; you can also download a standing order form. English and Czech. A good link to images of Czech stamps 1993 to date is , which is regulary updated with latest issues. For detailed info about buying stamps now they have updated info,: see this page:;jsessionid=AACZuOpSvED4=hr60ycnlQ?ksid=25877&pgtyp=S&docid=26120&show_title=1
An order form can be downloaded.You can order online or by email.

postal website : Česká pošta, s. p.
Ortenovo nám. 542/16
CZ – 170 24 Praha 7

Tel: +420-251 036 232
Fax: +420-220 875 543
philatelic website :
online shop : YES (you can order online, then you will receive a proforma invoice)
email : (info and stamp orders) and


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