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(updated 19 Mar 2006)
Afghanistan Post
Afghanistan Post is currently trying to revamp the postal service in the country, with the help of Pakistan Post. Maybe one day, with a working postal service, they will start again to produce postage stamps regularly. Remember that last official stamp was issued on 1989. Then the darkness. Now it seems (have a look at the site) that new stamps were released on 2003.

postal website :
Ministry of Communications
Postal Administration
International Postal Affairs

Tel: + 93 - 20357 & 2101188
Tel: + 930-70257371
Fax No: + 93-202102674
philatelic website :
online shop :
related sites:

(updated 31 Mar 2003)
Aitutaki Post Office
Aitutaki Island is part of Cook Islands but has its own stamps. Stamps of Aitutaki can also be bought from Cook Islands Philatelic Bureau.

postal website : Aitutaki Post Office 
Aitutaki, Cook Islands 
South Pacific Ocean
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Ĺland (updated 25 Sepl 2006)
Posten pĺ Ĺland
New site, a full online shop has been added and now you can order online. Order single products, open a standing order; new issue details, images, updated.English & many other languages.

postal website : Posten på Åland
The Philatelic Service
PB 100
AX-22101 Mariehamn

Tel : +358 (0)18 636641 
Fax : +358 (0)18 636608
philatelic website :
online shop : YES

(updated 1 Nov 2010)
Albanian Post / Posta Shqiptare
Images of stamps and fdc issued since 2003, stamp programme of recent years, pricelist of stamps still available. You can send orders by email, fax or phone. Please beware before sending cash/money, I have been informed by some collectors of bad experiences with this country.

postal website :

“Albanian Post"
Philatelic Department
“Reshit Collaku” Street 4 ,

Tel: +355 (4) 229 696
Fax: +355 (4) 232 133
philatelic website :
online shop :
email : (info and stamp orders)

(updated 25 Sep 2006)
Guernsey Post Office
Alderney stamps are sold by Guernsey Post Office only. You can buy them online.

postal website : Guernsey Philatelic Bureau, 
Envoy House, La Vrangue,
St. Peter Port
Guernsey, Channel Islands 

Tel : +44 (0) 1481 716486
Fax : +44 (0) 1481 712082
philatelic website :
online shop :

Algeria (updated 30 Jul 2007)
Algerie Poste
Now the new philatelic details for 2004 and 2005 are available.
No info about buying stamps. The "old site" has full images and details of all the stamps issued since 1989 to 1998.

postal website : Ministere des Postes et Telecommunications, 
Direction  des Services Postaux, 
Agence Comptable des Timbres-Postes, 
4, BD Krim Belkacem, 
16000, Alger-Gare 

new philatelic website :

Stamp Catalogue by the Algerian Ministry of Posts:

philatelic website :

online shop : NO

French Andorra (updated 14 Apr 2006)
La Poste
Stamps of French Andorra are sold by french posts. It doesn't exist a local philatelic bureau, but local post offices also offer philatelic services. Update: stamps of French Andorra now can be purchased thru La Poste online shop!

postal website :

La Poste d'Andorre
La Vieille
Principaute d'Andorre

philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Spanish Andorra (updated 1 sep 2000)
Stamps of Spanish Andorra are sold by Spanish Posts. Local post office doesn't have philatelic services.

postal website :

Servicio Filatélico International 
Correos y Telégrafos 
Palacio de Comunicaciones 
28070 Madrid 

philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Angola (updated 17 Sep 2009)
ENCTA (Empresa Nacional de Correios e Telegrafos de Angola)
A new site has been opened! Also a new postal address and tel/fax numbers! You can find details and images of recent stamp issues, but no details about how to purchase.

postal website : Correios de Angola
Largo Fernando Coelho da Cruz, n.º 12 – 1.º
República de Angola

Tel.: +244 222 337 800
Fax: +244 222 337 628
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Anguilla (updated 25 Sep 2006)
Anguilla Post Office
Finally the official website of Philatelic Bureau has been opened. Very informative, with price lists, a lot of images of the stamps currently available, ordering instructions. The site is not updated anymore.

postal website : Philatelic Bureau
General Post Office
The Valley, Anguilla
West Indies

Tel : +(264) 497 2528
Fax: +(264) 497 5455
philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Antigua & Barbuda (updated 1 jan 2000)
Antigua Post Office

postal website : Philatelic Bureau 
GPO, St John's, 
Antigua and Barbuda 
West Indies
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Argentina (updated 17 Sep 2007)
Correo Argentino
Online stock list /printable order form. Philatelic products on sale, details and images of latest stamps. Info about subscription from philatelic service. History of Argentinean stamp. Spanish. Updated.
Please note: I have been informed that Correo Argentino (for administrative reasons) is currently unable to fulfill foreign orders, but that they will keep them on file. So beware before ordering.

postal website : Apartado Respuestas Postales Pagadas N° 286
Correo Central
C1000ZAA Capital Federal
República Argentina

Phone/Fax: +54 11 4316-3389 (9 AM - 5 PM)
philatelic :
online shop (english and spanish):

Armenia (updated 2 Feb 2008)
NAMAKANISH - Ministry of Telecommunications of the Republic of Armenia
New site, soon online ordering. Info about ordering and paying for stamps.
Online philatelic catalogue of postage stamps 1992 to date, with details, images, and printing figures.

postal website :


Phone: (+374 10) 524590, 530283, 549544, 569333
Fax: (+374 10) 538262

philatelic website :
online shop :

Aruba (updated 30 Jul 2007)
Postal Service of Aruba
The new site is up and running. You can buy stamps online!!

postal website : Postal Service of Aruba, 
J. E. Irausquinplein No. 9, 

Tel: (+ 297) 582-1900
Fax: (+ 297) 582-7930
online shop : YES

Ascension (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Ascension Post Office
Images of all postage stamps currently on sale, info about ordering and subscriptions.Philatelic bureau also sells postage stamps of St. Helena and Tristan da Cunha.
NEW: Ascension Island Post Office has a new fully enabled online shop; this new, easier to use site is able to accept several credit cards as well as UK/US Money Orders/Cheques etc, over a secure server.

postal website : Ascension Island Post Office,
Ascension Island,
South Atlantic Ocean

Tel: +247 6260
Fax: +247 6152
philatelic website :
online shop :
Ascension philatelic websites

(updated 1 jan 2000)
Australia Post
Infos, stamp gallery, images of current year new issues,  always updated. Catalogue of Australian stamps with images.
Online Stamp Shop has been opened.You can buy online every stamp and philatelic product.
Also selling: Christmas Island , Cocos Islands , Australian Antarctic Territory stamps.

postal website : Australian Philatelic Bureau
Australia Post
PO Box 4000
Ferntree Gully Vic 3156

Tel : +61/3/98870033
Fax : +61/3/98870236
philatelic website :
online shop : YES

Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT)

Stamps of AAT are produced and sold by Australia Post.See Australia

Austria (updated 6 Jul 2008)
Post Austria
Online ordering of full range of stamp products , info about subscriptions (with online form); stamp programme of current year. German and English. ALL the stamps issued since 1947  to date are available to be seen with details and descriptions. Austria now offers an e-mail alert letting you know about new issues.

postal website:
Österreichische Post AG
Steinheilgasse 1
A-1210 Wien

Tel: +43 (0) 577 67 - 95095
Fax: +43 (0) 577 67 - 95195

philatelic website:

online shop:

Azerbaijan (updated 17 Sep 2009)
"Azermarka" is the state company that produces and sells postage stamps. Azermarka is not to be confused with the Azeri Post Office which has its own URL and e-mail address (see below). Anyway people interested to buy stamps should contact Azermarka. You can get their latest stock list by e-mail. They don't sell stamps at face value. All the prices are in Euro and are almost equivalent to a stamps dealer's prices. The stamps from as early as 1992 are still available for sale.

postal website :

"Azermarka" Company 
Drogalny Street 702 

Tel/Fax: (+994 12) 493 17 41

philatelic website :
online shop :
email (philately):
email (post office):

(updated 1 Nov 2010)
A territory officially part of Azerbaijan but in fact fully indipendent and backed by Armenia. I don't want to talk about politcs here: just consider that the only way to officially send a letter from here is using the stamps of Artsakhpost. Letters take their way through the armenian postal system. see:
Now online the official website. With all the images of stamps issued 1993 to date.

postal website :
NO info
philatelic website :
online shop :
email (philately):

other info from a private dealer:

Azores (updated 20 Mar 2006)
Stamps of Azores are sold by Posts of Portugal only.

postal website : CTT - Correios de Portugal, SA
Direccao de Filatelia
Av. Casal Ribeiro , 28  - 2°
1049-052 LISBOA

Tel : +351 21 3111 796/792
Fax : +351 21 3111 848
philatelic website :
online shop : YES

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