The HYBRID power supply & set-up





Power supplies

The Hybrid power amplifier requires two power supplies, one for the main amplifier and one for the tube heater. The main amplifier power supply in each channel of the HYBRID must be capable to deliver 35+35VDC and 6 Amp.

The power supply for one channel of the power amplifier must include 20A or more diode/bridge rectifiers to support the constant 3A or more amplifier idle current and a 25+25VAC 6A  power transformer able to deliver at least 300 W of power..

The power supply for the tube heaters must be connected to pins 4 and 5 of each ECC88 tube. The power supply basically includes a 10VAC, 10W transformer and a 6.3 VDC regulator.

The next figure shows the schematic of a power supply that can be used to power the HYBRID amp.

Power supplies building kit

If you are interested I'm able to provide a power supply kit to support two Hybrid mono amps. The kit comprises the 35+35 VDC power supply for the main amplifier as well as the tube heaters 6.3 VDC regulated power supply. 

The power supply kit includes: professional made PCBs, mounting instructions, all semiconductors and passive components, high quality/capacity filtering capacitors, and shipping (excluding transformers).

For more info please see The HYBRID PCB & Kits pages.


The Hybrid power supplies