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  • Essentially a 3-way 'character movie' about a sensitive, funny 'new man' kinda guy played by John Cusack ('Grosse Point Blank') and his relationship with the beautiful, intelligent but (at first) unattainable character played by Ione Skye and the relationships they both have with her father, played by 'Frasier's Dad' John Mahoney

  • Other actresses considered for Diane: 'Jennifer Connelly was the runner-up to Ione Skye

  • That said, the movie is remembered by many people for the scene (pictured on the video cover and used extensively in the marketing for the movie) where Lloyd (Cusack) plays a favourite song of Diane's (Skye) ouside her window on a portable stereo in an symbolic and touching attempt to win her back after a break up

  • Diane Court is about to get to know Lloyd Dobler" Lloyd and Diane Cusack, Skye and Stoltz star Diane and her dad played brilliantly by John Mahoney " your eyes..." Year: Studio: 20th Century Fox Director: Starring: , - - Genre: + Great script and great performances from the cast

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  • Be Back By Five **.9 GM Starring: Jon Cryer, Rick Stear, Rafael Baez, Ione Skye, Frank Whaley Cute title

  • Stear does a good job playing the couple-wrong-decisions-away-from-Richie's-life Stan, who managed to blow a relationship with Ione Skye that lasted since high school and, although I haven't seen him in much, I can't remember not really liking Cryer - save for those 1-800 COLLECT commercials with Adam Carolla

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  • Azura Skye I have seen raven-haired, blue-eyed Azura only twice

  • Azura Skye was born November 8, 1980 (Scorpio) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Hometown: Los Angeles, California Enjoys: Playing the guitar and spending time with friends (information like this is so precious) Filmography Bandits (2001) ...

  • Jocelyn Notable TV guest appearances 'Gideon's Crossing' (2000) playing 'Haley' in episode: 'Crash, The' (episode # 1.19) 4/2/2001 'Batman Beyond' (1999) playing 'Deanna Clay'(voice) in episode: 'Inqueling' (episode # 3.3) 9/30/2000 'Chicago Hope' (1994) playing 'Cashier' in episode: 'Brain Salad Surgery' (episode # 4.3) 10/15/1997 'Touched by an Angel' (1994) playing 'China' in episode: 'Children of the Night' (episode # 4.4) 10/12/1997 'Total Security' (1997) in episode: 'Man for Half a Season, A' (episode # 1.13) 1997 Not a day goes by that Skye does not politely explain that she is no relation to actress Ione Skye

  • Named for the beautiful blue semiprecious gemstone azurite, Skye has grown up in an entertainment-business family

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  • Adaptations (1989, dir Damien Harris) was a solid, unflashy adaptation of Amis's first novel, with Dexter Fletcher, Ione Skye and James Spader

    That said Donovan's career is substantial and enduring, with some 23 albums under
    his belt.

  • Less widely known was his sojourn at Stein, on Skye's Waternish peninsula, where he, his manager Gypsy Dave and a group of followers formed a commune as only 1960s hippies could do

  • ISBuC has been able to glean almost no facts about the Skye commune (but let's face it, isn't amnesia an inevitable part of the commune experience?) Those who made contact recall the episode with mild amusement

  • His daughter Ione Skye has carved out a career as a Holywood actress

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  • Brooke Adams' more notable credits of the last 15 years have included guest appearances on TV's Moonlighting, the Broadway production, the narration chores for the speculatively 1994 miniseries, and the role of Ione Skye's hardscrabble mother in (1992)

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  • Donovan bought the Waternish Estate on Skye, hence the name of his eldest daughter Ione Skye

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  • Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God...Be Back by Five (Phaedra Cinema) - starring Jon Cryer and Ione Skye - 1998 Two young men, friends since childhood, go on a trip to find a third friend

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  • Stan has a drinking problem, cannot hold a job, and is fighting with his longtime girlfriend Gabby (Ione Skye, Four Rooms, Gas Food Lodging )

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  • Nichols, Prod.Ruby-Spears Kid Klassics, Writer.Mark Evanier, Synopsis.animated - from the book by Deborah&James Howe) (? 1974, Cast.Christopher Lee) (England 1972, Horst Janson - Kronos Cast.John Carsen, Caroline Munro, Film Prod Co.Hammer, Writer-Dir.Bryan Clemens known for TV series 'The Avengers') (Mexico 1971, Dir.Rene Cardona) (USA 1990, Dir.Gabrielle Beaumont, Cast.Meg Tilly, Ione Skye, Roddy McDowell, Roy Dotrice) (Sweden/Japan 1968) (England 1966, Dir.Gerald Thomas aka Screaming) (Mexico 1963, Dir.Alfredo Crevenna) (USA 1974, Dir.Joesph Brad Talbort) (Italy 1963, Dir.Anthony Dawson aka La Danza Macabra Cast.Barbara Steele) (England 1968, Film Co.Delta S.F


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  • [1987] - In perhaps his finest moment on film, Glover stars as "Layne, " a speed freak who leads a gang of potheads in this nihilistic, post-punk view of American teenagers who live out the Sex Pistols’ creed - "No future, no future for you." One critic likened Glover’s portrayal to that of an "extraterrestrial transvestite." The stellar cast includes Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper as "Feck" (a burned out Vietnam veteran), Ione Skye Leitch (daughter of ’60s folk relic Donovan) and an inflatable doll named Ellie

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  • Cusack is the high school goof who falls in love with the beautiful, brainy girl (Ione Skye.) Both characters are decent and goodhearted, and (after the usual miscalculations) there's a happy ending

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  • In 1989, Crowe wrote and (for the first time) directed Say Anything starring John Cusak and Ione Skye

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  • Daphna Edwards MASCARA (with Ione Skye, Lumi Cavazos, Amanda De Cadenet) 1999 dir

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