A short analysis - Fifth part

How Piedmontese is spoken

indice casa

Notice to be read (in case you didn't)
Phonetical symbology
We will see later the phonetical and graphical rules in the piedmontese tongue, but we need here to introduce the phonetical symbology that we will use, which is necessary for illustrating what we are saying. They are based on the ones of "Merryam WWWEBSTER Dictionary" ( and written in green). For describing the piedmontese, italian and french sounds we preferred to make some modification, as described below.
Be careful, these are phonetical symbols and NOT letters.
--- Symbols --- --------------- Description ---------------
\ & \ sound of a, in banana (italian casa, french avion)
\ & \ as the sound immediately preceding \ l \ as le in battle
also similar to the french e mute in table (little sound following \ l \)
\ æ \ or \ a \ sound of a in and or in map
\ b \, \ d \, \ f \
\ l \, \ m \, \ n \
\ p \, \ r \, \ t \
they sound as in english, respectively in the words
bank, do, for, lip, mouse, noise, pin, rack, tip
\ c \ sound of c in car (italian casa, french cru)
\ [ch] \ unique sound as ch, in church (italian cena)
\ e \ sound of e in bed or in example
\ g \ sound of g in get
\ j \ sound of j in job or join
\ i \ sound of i in hit
\ y \ sound of y in yard
\ [ng] \ unique sound as n in ink or as ng in sing
\ [gn] \ unique sound that is approximately described in Merryam WWWEBSTER Dictionary as the pronunciation
of a n with the tongue in the position required for the first sound of the word yard.
In Merryam WWWEBSTER Dictionary the symbol used is \ ny \. (italian castagna, french digne).
\ o \ sound of o in toy
\ [oe] \ unique sound representing the pronunciation of the french and piedmontese dittong
eu as in the french and piedmontese feu
\ qu \ composite sound of qu in queen
\ u \ sound of oo in foot
\ [ue] unique sound of ue as in french rue, or u as in french sur, piedmontese supa
\ z \ sound of z in zone, or se in raise
\ [^r] \ sound of r in red, pronounced with the point of the tongue folded backward (local sound, not in classic piedmontese)
\ w\ sound of w in wet, in Piedmontese is very similar to the soun \ u \
We remember here that in piedmontese sounds do not exist like:
1) - \ zh \ as si in vision.
2) - \ sh \ as ssi in mission.
3) - the italian sounds of gli, gle ("fricative" in italian). In case of need they will be indicated as \ [gli] \, \ [gle] \.
4) - the italian sounds of z. In case of need they (both) will be indicated as \ Z \.
5) - all the other sounds reported in our reference (Merryam WWWebster).
some of the above sounds exist instead in French and Italian.

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