DarwinBots, in brief:
-artificial life simulator focused on evolution of organisms' behaviour
-runs hundreds of organisms in a flat universe, interacting with each other
-behaviour is determined by each individual's DNA, in fact a complete program
-individuals' inputs and outputs are studied for the greatest possible interaction
-individuals feed by eating each others, and reproduce autonomously
-mutation occurr during reproduction, so that organisms evolve during time
-no extrinsic fitness function: evolution is open ended.


September 2005:
Hello everybody, exactly two years passed since my last update to this page, and many things happened during this time. A small but vivid community of DarwinBots enthusiasts first developed around the program and then - started to develop the program on its own. As I almost stopped working on the program, they kept on modifying it, adding tons of new features, improving fundamental parts as physics, ties, mutations. They created a new forum, an FTP space for new versions and sources, wiki manuals, all reachable from a new  darwinbots.com home page.
Admittedly, not all the changes that have been made to DarwinBots meet my tastes, but that's normal, everybody would like to keep control over his creatures. I'm happy that my work keeps evolving.
So, check out the new official DarwinBots forum and www.DarwinBots.com for the latest news, and to join the developers community!   
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Written by Carlo Comis, Jan 2002 -May 2003. For any questions, bug reports, precious new ideas, please use the official
DarwinBots Forum.