New stuff:

download DarwinBots v. 2.1, May 29 2003.
Another release with bug fixes, but also some little improvements in graphics and robot debug. A new look for the real-time graphs, and a cool equalizer-style viewer for genes activations. Moreover, there's a new wicked robot by Jeremiah Martell, who challenges you all to program something more infesting than his "Immortalis Flamma".
A last recommendation: there may be some really stupid bugs in DarwinBots, especially in the interface; I hope you don't come across them, but in case, be fair: the interface is the most boring thing to program, and its use the most unpredictable.
Anyway, keep me informed of every bug you'll find, and I'll correct it as soon as possible.

p.s. If you wish to use the internet organisms sharing, please do so with a non-blocked vegetable species in your field, the results are more interesting :)

Old stuff:

DarwinBotsII  some bugs fixed and ready for internet sharing,   May 9, 2003

This is  the first version ready for experimental organisms sharing, and with some bugs fixed. Note that, as one of those bugs were in the settings load/save routines, this version won't load old (even version 2.0) settings files.

To start sharing organisms, just go to the internet options tab, click on the "use internet sharing" checkbox, and don't forget to specify a nickname. A server address is already set by default.