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AWMR Italia - Associazione Donne della Regione Mediterranea
Health in the Mediterranean
Interviews with
Tuareg Nuclear Test Victims


Yana Mintoff Bland

Traditionally, the Mediterranean has been considered as the center of the world, Malta lies at the center of the Mediterranean, women are the center of life, and health is central to life. So, it was appropriate that we, Women of the Mediterranean, met in Malta on the topic of Health from July 20th to July 23rd, 1995. The days passed so quickly that now we are left with a fleeting feeling and a triple determination: to record what was said to share with you, to educate as widely as possible with the resolutions we passed (sue end), and to meet for a longer period next year.

This, our second published conference series, is being rushed to the printer so that we may take it to the Fourth World Conference on Women at Beijing, China, September 1-8, 1995. Therefore, some of the sixteen papers included here have had to be abbreviated, the original, in its original language, is available to interested readers. The Association welcomes your comments. Please feel free to write to us at the addresses given below.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank Genevieve Vaughan of the Foundation for a Compassionate Society Donation Fund, and the Rachael and Ben Vaughan Foundation for the donations that enabled us to organize this conference and print this book. Medica Zenica in Bosnia/Germany also provided scholarships for flights. And our thanks to those vital members whose generosity knows no bounds. Finally, thanks to D.P.B, for his unfailing editing skills.

The Association of Women of the Mediterranean region is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. We are dedicated to justice, equality, self-determination, and peace. We see the demilita­rization, denuclearization, and decontamination of the Mediterra­nean Region as necessary steps toward a healthy life. We are a voice for the oppressed.

The Association produces two newsletters a year, published by AWMR members at the Gaza Community Mental Health Program. We meet annually and our next conference will be in June 1996 on the theme "Refugees and Immigrants in the Mediterranean".

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