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"Love can no longer contain its devouring flame"….. "My Divine Sacrament of Penance….. whereby….. I am longing to forgive."
   "My daughter, pray a great deal. Implore mercy for sinner."

   "I want to make your heart an altar. When you are in pain I rest and I rejoice to converse with you. My visits will never harm you. I want you to surrender yourself, to be ready to undergo torments of the evil one indifferently. Do not fear. My Heart is all Love and it embraces all souls. I desire souls to unite themselves to Me in all their ways. I am thirsting for souls. I love souls so dearly that I have sacrificed Myself. Love can no longer contain its devouring flame. For the love of souls, I gave out My Divine Sacrament of Penance whereby in this Divine Sacrament of Penance whereby in this Divine Sacrament I am only longing to forgive souls. I remain here calling sinners to come back to My sheepfold. I want to pardon and reign over souls. I love those who after going astray, come back to My forgiveness."

   "My peace must be extended over the entire universe. My appeal is to all. To each one of them I came to say if they desire they will find It in Me. It is My will to reign through reparation made by souls."

   "My words are light and life for an incalculable number of souls. I will impart special graces by which souls may be enlightened and transformed."

   "I want them to form a league of love 41 in order to teach and publish My Love and Mercy and how urgent it is. I want and need reparation, to be told and grow among the faithful souls. For the world is full of sin and at this present moment nations are arousing the wrath of the Eternal Father."

   "Pray a great deal and cloister souls in your heart."

   "I give My blessing."


3.00 a.m., 14th February, 1988


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