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  • During a brief interlude of shopping (It is Disney, okay? It always includes shopping), which yielded such treasures as, Main Street Electrical Parade Pumpkin Coach ($135.00), Boxed Embroidered T-shirt with Brass Logo Pin ($25.00), Cinderella Limited Edition Reuge Music Box ($700.00), and oval framed Cinderella Lenticular Rags to Riches ($95.00), hors d’oeuvres were served.

  • I thought the disco music was cheap and the lack of real ballroom dancing was a huge let down.


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    Goosing Mother Goose: The Fairy Tales of Tex Avery
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  • The opening frames offer a neat precis of Avery's style, starting with a formal, traditional image and sound (a fancy invitation to the ball, with appropriately courtly music) but quickly moving into the modern era (the invitation ends with an ad for "Sweeney's Drive-In" with a hot jazz background).

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  • But while copyright may not seem inherently compelling to non-specialists, the issues at stake in Eldred are vitally important to anyone who watches movies, listens to music, or reads books.

  • Rather than allow Mickey and friends to enter the public domain, Disney and its friends - a group of Hollywood studios, music labels, and PACs representing content owners - told Congress that they wanted an extension bill passed.

  • But disparagement of the public domain is out of step with our constitutional history, with the economics of information markets, and with the real way in which art, literature, and music are produced in our culture.

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  • Some of his film songs from that period include Two Sleepy People, " "Jingle Jangle Jingle" and "I Don't Want To Walk Without You." The first song for which Loesser wrote both words and music was "Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition, " written during his World War II service.

  • His Hollywood work after the war included the hit songs "Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year, " "A Slow Boat To China, " and the 1949 Oscar-winning song "Baby, It's Cold Outside." In 1948 Loesser was approached by fledgling Broadway producers Cy Feuer and Ernest Martin to write music and lyrics to George Abbott's libretto for an adaptation of the classic Brandon Thomas play Charley's Aunt.

  • The new musical, which starred Ray Bolger, was called Where's Charley? and was a hit.

  • In 1956 Loesser wrote the libretto, music and lyrics for his next show, The Most Happy Fella, adapted from Sidney Howard's play, They Knew What They Wanted.

  • This impressive score contains over 30 musical numbers and makes extensive use of operatic techniques and forms, including recitative, arias, duets, trios and choral numbers.

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  • | Music Theatre MTI, License a School Play.

  • Children Will Listen, Get a Musical License, Licensing, for Children’s musicals (children musicals) and kids shows plus school musicals.

  • Disney musicals now available! Freddie Gershon, Musical Theatre, Broadway, Production, Theatrical Show, theater, theatre MTI - Music Theatre International : One of the world's major dramatic licensing agencies, specializing in Broadway, Off-Broadway and West End musicals.

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  • On December 21 of that same year, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " the first full-length animated musical feature, premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles.

  • Make Mine Music (August 15, 1946) 9.

    Linda Ronstadt Guest Appearances
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  • You can even order any other cd, video and even music books that are still in print.

  • This is one of the best selling albums of all time! And what a great music...

  • - "He Darked The Sun" - "Living Like A Fool" GLASS, PHILIP: 1986 - SONGS FROM LIQUID DAYS (Columbia Records) Maybe it's a little bit strange, this classical and experimental music, but it's also fun to listen.

  • - "Till I Gain Control Again" - "Mister Sandman" - "Farther Along" - "To Know Him Is To Love Him" - "The Pain Of Loving You" INGRAM, JAMES: 1991 - THE POWER OF GREAT MUSIC (Warner Brothers Records) James Ingram and Linda Ronstadt did the theme song from the animated movie "An American Tail": a great duet! - "Somewhere Out There" JIMENEZ, FLACO: 1992 - PARTNERS (Reprise Records) Linda Ronstadt can be heard in one song.

  • Who can help with information? MARIACHI COBRE: 1995 - ESTE ES MI MARIACHI (Celestial Harmonies) Linda Ronstadt sings two duets with Stephen Carrillo, the musical director of Mariachi Cobre.

  • - "La Negra Noche" - "La Silencio De La Noche" MITCHELL, ADAM: 1979 - REDHEAD IN TROUBLE (Warner Brothers Records) Adam Mitchell was the musical director on Linda Ronstadt's second album "Silk Purse".

  • - "Tubling Dice" - "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" 1980 - URBAN COWBOY (Full Moon/Asylum Records) Soundtrack for the John Travolta movie Urban Cowboy with some great music and artists like Jimmy Buffett, The Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger and Johnny Lee.

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