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The Haunted Mansion
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Victor Salva - Child Molestor and Disney
Three articles related to Disney's hiring of convicted child molestor, Victor Salva.

Disney's The Kid - Greg's Preview - Yahoo! Movies
Preview of the film.

IMDb: Chicken Little (2005)
Cast, crew, and viewer reviews.

Hidden Mickeys of Disney
Locates the Mickeys hidden in the Disney theme parks.


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Disney Movie Classics
Disney movie reviews, news and journals.

Surfing the Net with Kids
Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini,
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    Disney's Lion King Was to be a Remake of Kimba the White Lion?
    Presents evidence to support its position that The Lion King movie is a disguised
    and modified remake...

    Disney World Trivia - Secrets, history, and fun facts behind the ...
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    HARO Online - Disney's The Kid
    Review of the film.

    Chart Jungle
    Printable charts, for baby, preschool, kindergarten, and other children.
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    Apple - Movie Trailers
    Apple's official Quicktime Movie Trailer page with the newest and preview release

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    The Sci-Fi Movie Page: Akira
    Read the three and a half star review of the film.

  • One of the most expensive animated movies made in Japan (called anime), Akira is based on a popular manga or comic book of the same title.

  • The truth behind the movie lies probably somewhere between those cultists who proclaim it to be the best animated movie ever made, and those born contrarians who think that it just plain sucks.

  • Forget about the computer graphics employed (rather manifestly) in the likes of Disney movies like The Lion King , Tarzan , etc.

  • Akira still holds up with the best of them - its animation frees movement in a way that cannot be replicated in live action movies, the special effects of notwithstanding.

  • At times it is an assault on the senses and, like with a good comic book, it is probably a movie that one can rewatch again, just to take in the smaller details.

  • Until about halfway through the movie you'll have to pay close attention to Akira 's rather dense structure, which features a myriad of characters, subplots, background story and so forth.

  • Comparisons with Disney movies, by the way, are superfluous.

  • If you have seen other anime like you'll know that they deal with more than just cute talking animals like they do in Disney movies.

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    The Kid's Domain Review
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    All Parents and All Kids
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