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  • . Air America: The Complete Series Six-disc set with 26 episodes, $49.95
  • . Extras: New feature-length "American Masters: John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker & the Legend" retrospective profile; new documentary "Stagecoach: A Story of Redemption"; commentary by Scott Eyman, author of "Print the Legend: The Life and Times of John Ford"; audio-only bonus: radio adaptation with Claire Trevor and Randolph Scott
  • . This Is America, Charlie Brown (2006) Two-disc set with eight episodes that travel through time to visit important events in American history; $19.99
  • . Fly Girls (1999) American Experience documentary on female pilots during WWII; $19.95
  • . Hoover Dam American Experience documentary on the creation of the mighty, 700-foot dam; $19.95
  • . (BFS Entertainment & Multimedia Limited) 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (2006) Four-disc set with 10 one-hour documentaries from the History Channel series, $39.95

    BeatBoxBetty Movie Reviews
  • . Rating: 3.5 Martinis If you thought you knew American history - think again
  • . Who else could take on such a touchy subject (Americans and their guns) with as much humor and grace and live to tell about it
  • . He's the author of the hilarious must-have book, "Stupid White Men" and the diabolical genius behind "Roger and Me." And in "Bowling For Columbine" Moore does it once again by taking both a touching and terrifying look at violence in America

    Braveheart vs. Groundskeeper Willie
  • . POPULARITY: Wallace is a hero to millions of American women
  • . HISTORICAL ACCURACY: Willie is a Scottish immigrant in America (albeit an illegal one); there have been millions of Scottish immigrants to America
  • . Willie ran away to America
  • . They lost the American colonies, they lost India, they lost South Africa, they lost Egypt, hell they couldn't even hold on to most of Ireland, they've lost everything and yet they still hold on to Scotland
  • . He is a virtual slave of Principal Skinner, and the only defiance he shows is an occasional muttered insult, usually said under his breath, so he won't have to risk Skinner's wrath (remember Skinner was a green beret, and he fought off the mighty legions of Disney, so I'm sure he could kick Willie's ass) Even worse is that Willie has often been regularily defeated by the Springfield Police, the worse cops in America

    440 International
  • . Jay Hamilton [Wilmington NC] 1977 [Sarasota FL] 1981 [Fort Myers/Naples FL] 1995 (American Comedy Network) [Bridgeport CT] 1988 [Richmond VA] 1990 [Cleveland OH] 1995 [Little Rock AR] 1998 [Little Rock AR] 1999 Now: Mornings (w/Corey Deitz) at Rock KLEC-FM (lick1063.com), Little Rock, Arkansas
  • . Love to hear from those of us who suffered through the WOW-FM experiment in Detroit." markdhansell@mac.com Evan Haning [Washington DC] 1982-1996 Now: Evan says (5/03), "I'm doing fill-in on Westwood One's America in the Morning and First Light shows." EvanHaning@aol.com Curt Hansen [Westport CT] 1983 - VP Now: Group VP/Programming at WEBE Aurora Communucatons, Westport, CT


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    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . "Not only does this Extreme-Right-Wing (tm) bill passed today in Congress starve MILLIONS of school-children, but it also leaves the elderly without any health care! And worst of all, it allows a ten-day window for government-subsidized destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest! During Earth Day (tm)! This Radical Contract ON America (tm) must be stopped!" Several hours later, Newt Gingrich is asked about the consequences of this new legislation
  • . To the locals, Paul Bunyan (an imposing North American white male) respresents the oppressive tyranny of the upper class who live only to exploit those less fortunate peasants living in third world countries
  • . Not to mention a cruddy track record of mistreating South Americans
  • . And since Babe, the OX, will NOT be with Paul (quarantine for incoming pets in South America is 2 weeks I believe) he can rely on not having massive amounts of fertilizer nourishing his trees
  • . - Kirk Paul is one of America's greatest heros, and it is not possible for him to lose

    TV Talk Shows
  • . ----- by TVTalkShows.com Webmaster Trevor Rieger | Late Night Talk Shows NBC Universal | Monday June 19: singer Mariah Carey, comic Daniel Tosh, music group Keane Tuesday June 20: talk show host Regis Philbin tv reality show America's Got Talent, young award winning chef Isabella and chef Olivia Gerasole, music group Ringo and the All-Star Band Wednesday June 21: actor Thomas Haden Church, animal handler Julie Scardina and SeaWorld animals, singer Martina McBride Thursday June 22: actor Kevin Spacey movie Superman Returns, American Idol Winner singer Taylor Hicks Friday June 23: actor Orlando Bloom movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, hip hop rapper Chamillionaire CBS | Monday June 19: actor Adam Sandler movie Click, anchor Julie Chen host CBS reality show Big Brother All-Stars Tuesday June 20: actress Brittany Murphy, actor Brandon Routh movie Superman Returns Wednesday June 21: actress Amy Sedaris movie Strangers With Candy, music group Morningwood CD Morningwood Thursday June 22: actress Meryl Streep movie The Devil Wears Prada, music Yellowcard CD Lights and Sounds Friday June 23: former Vice President Al Gore environmental documentary movie An Inconvenient Truth, music group Rock Kills Kid CD Are You Nervous? NBC Universal | Monday June 19: RERUN December 8, 2005, actor Luke Wilson, actor Jack Klugman, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson tv show Ghost Hunters Tuesday June 20: pop punk music group All-American Rejects single Dirty Little Secret Wednesday June 21: actor Adam Sandler movie Click, music group The Subways Thursday June 22: actress Kate Beckinsale, actor Tyrese Gibson, iceberg climber Will Gadd Friday June 23: rock singer Bruce Springsteen single anti-war song Bring Them Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam) ABC Broadcasting Inc

    Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
  • . The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) and the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) are bringing the only HBCU post-season football bowl game, the Pioneer Bowl, back to Charlotte, North Carolina on December 2, 2006, 1:00pm at the American Legion Memorial Stadium
  • . Morehouse College standout athletes Alexander Brickler and Jamaal Roberts were honored as positive role models at the annual Peach of an Athlete Awards Banquet on April 18, 2006, sponsored by the Atlanta Area Council of the Boys Scouts of America.† The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and Connor Sports Flooring are proud to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Connor Elite 12 Scholar/Athlete Awards.† The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference track & field championships may have been completed last week, but that does not mean the season is over for some members of Fort Valley Stateís menís and womenís track teams
  • . From the revolutionary strides made by George Washington Carver in the agricultural sciences to the visionary stance taken by the University to educate and train the Tuskegee Airmen Ė the nationís first African-American fighter pilots, ground-breaking research and outreach are nothing new at Tuskegee University

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