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  • CBS was also competing with ABC, who had a big gun - Walt Disney - winning the ratings on Wednesday nights .

  • CBS CARTOON THEATRE was offering new cartoon entertainment directly opposite Disneyland reruns.

  • But having an appealing host in an office setting (the same set-up as the Disney hour), didn't fool anyone.

  • These were lowball Terrytoons, not Disney mini masterpieces.

  • It seems clear from this clip that Trocadero's producers had hoped to get someone like Walt Disney, or Max Fleischer himself, thus the gag involving a "Koko the clown" like character - credited in the opening titles as "Snippy"! This final bit (below) is the last scene in the film! Dave gets to close the film with "Snippy" (unfortunately this TV print obliterates the original end title - but you get the idea).

  • is a storyboard artist at Disney, and his posts offer superb pointers on drawing, design, composition and boarding.

  • Licensing Show of a new vinyl toy of Oswald Rabbit (above, left), displayed at the Disney Booth.

  • I'm still trying to figure out what rights Disney got to Oswald.

  • In addition to the 26 Disney silent cartoons, they also got the merchandising rights.

  • He started working at Disney in the 1950s and is still there today.

  • Watch a Windows Media Player version of the film and find out more about the filmmakers at their personal website June 25, 2006 Disney Artist Documentaries Posted by AMID at WOW—this totally made my morning! Sheridan student has been posting on YouTube the Disney "Family Album" TV shows.

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  • Web Email Login Password New users Theme Park Design 101 About Imagination Portal's resident theme park attraction designer - How I got my first job with the Disney Company; by Nate Naversen by Nate Naversen - Support Imagination Portal by subscribing to a web hosting plan for your web site.

  • Theme park guru Steve Alcorn's by Peter Alexander; President, Totally Fun Company Eddie Sotto: Former Walt Disney Imagineering Vice President John Wood; CEO of the Sally Corporation Peter Alexander; President.

  • Totally Fun Company Marty Sklar; President, Walt Disney Imagineering: Bob Rogers; Chairman, BRC Imagination Arts Adam M.

  • MA studies in tourism management at the University of Brighton / England Internet Radio Stations Trade Organizations (Europe) (TEA) (IAAPA) Disney Attraction Web Sites Theme Park Events - Universal Studios - Magic Kingdom Theme Park Design Companies Lighting Companies Haunted House Publications Themed Entertainment Web Sites Show & Animation Control Animatronics Special Effects Scenic Fabrication Authentic Theme Park Props & Sets Retail Price: $ 50.00 Our Price: $25.00 (Hardcover) by John Hench; Peggy Van Pelt Retail Price: $ 35.00 - Our Price: $24.50 (Hardcover) by Larry Pontius Retail Price: $ 32.95 - Our Price: $32.95 (Hardcover) by Imagineers Retail Price: $ 15.95 - Our Price: $11.88 Get the Books the Imagineers Read at the Other Stuff Must Read Publications Add your article or link Do you have an article or press release regarding themed entertainment design? to be reviewed and posted on

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  • “Cut-a-Lawn” with the Radio Disney Street Team.

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  • December 3, 2003 · Weekend box office Despite generally negative reviews, Disney's The Haunted Mansion was the US box office champ for the long Thanksgiving weekend but lost the spot to The Cat in the Hat in the Friday to Sunday span.

  • · Weekend box office Disney's The Haunted Mansion will open on 3, 122 screens today, and insiders believe it may be number one this weekend with a take of at least $40 million.

  • November 20, 2003 · Tour the Haunted Mansion sets in LA El Capital Theatre in Los Angeles will host a "once-in-a-lifetime" behind-the-scenes tour of the real movie sets seen in Disney's The Haunted Mansion , coming out November 26, 2003.

  • For tickets and information, call 1-800-Disney 6 (1-800-347-6396), stop by the El Capitan box office, or visit the .

  • Disney's family movie Brother Bear came in second with $18.5 million.

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  • Trevor enjoys Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel just as much as his peers, so he's exposed to just as many ads for Lucky Charms, McDonald's and Push Pops as most other kids his age.

    Heroes Convention
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  • We had to cancel our trip to Euro-Disney we had booked for today and I'm going to have to bail on Heroes, Wizard World and all the cons I planned this year.

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  • And then of course there's our town's other fantasy empire, and I don't mean Disneyland or Lockheed Martin, I mean Flynt Enterprises, in their big, proud building over on Wilshire.) The thing about Moss, as I have said here earlier, is that there is no Louis B.

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  • Then his career really soared when Disney World in Orlando, Florida hired him to work at the German Pavilion of the Epcot Center in 1984 .

  • He was the Disney World Yodeler from 1984 to 1990 and the leader of the night band for the last four of those years.

  • After his experience at Disney, Kerry headed out on his own and has had great success as one of only two or three professional, full-time yodelers in the United States.

  • This group of 25 orchestra members and 16 dancers ranging from 11 years to 21 years of age has performed in Italy, Ireland, Canada and throughout the United States including seven times in Walt Disney World, Florida.
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  • Eric Olsen | |, , , If you’re expecting dance numbers with opposing gangs like the Sharks and Jets, forget about it; this is a Disney version of high school.

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