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Nusle - Praha 4, Sezimova 5 ::: ALELI s.r.o. Prague apartments rental

Completely renovated house

One bedroom apartment

Two bedrooms apartment
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Ceny / Preise / Pricing / Prezzi:

1+1 jedna ložnice
1+1 ein Bettzimmer
1+1 one-bedroom
una camera da letto

Kc 13.000 / mesic - Monat - month - mese

2+1 dre ložnice
2+1 zwei Bettzimmer
2+1 two-bedrooms
due camere da letto

Kc 19.000 / mesic - Monat - month - mese

bez poplatku za eletrinu a plyn
Preise des Lichts und des Gas ausgeschlossen
excluding costs of electric current and gas
esclusi i costi di luce e gas.

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