Visual SAT-Flare Tracker 3D

NOSS 3-4 A/C Flare Predicitons - September 2009

Fig.1 - Screenshot depicting the flaring satellite and the flare gound track. The picture has been generated by means of Visual SAT-Flare Tracker 3D.

The following links show the predicted flare tracks for the satellite pair NOSS 3-4 (A) - NOSS 3-4 (C). The tracks become almost stationary at the lowest side (toward negative latitudes) where they invert direction. Click here to see an example. 

Flare Track 10/11 Sept   (JD 2455084)     (download kml
Flare Track 11/12 Sept   (JD 2455085)     (download kml
Flare Track 12/13 Sept   (JD 2455086)     (download kml
Flare Track 13/14 Sept   (JD 2455087)     (download kml
Flare Track 14/15 Sept   (JD 2455088)     (download kml
Flare Track 15/16 Sept   (JD 2455089)     (download kml
Flare Track 16/17 Sept   (JD 2455090)     (download kml
Flare Track 17/18 Sept   (JD 2455091)     (download kml
Flare Track 18/19 Sept   (JD 2455092)     (download kml
Flare Track 19/20 Sept   (JD 2455093)     (download kml
Flare Track 20/21 Sept   (JD 2455094)     (download kml
Flare Track 21/22 Sept   (JD 2455095)     (download kml
Flare Track 22/23 Sept   (JD 2455096)     (download kml

Flares from this pair were successful predicted and recorded a few months ago (see here).

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