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17/02/2009 NOSS Flare - Predicted and Observed

The flare has been sucesfully observed and recorded by Francisco Ocaņa and Rafael Ponce at UCM Observatory, Madrid (Spain) ( ).

The flare was expected over Madrid during the pass of the satellites (NOSS 3-4 (A) - NOSS 3-4 (C)) on the 17th of February 2009 (18.40 UTC).  See prediction.

Sirius is easily visible in the centre area of the video, while Procyon in the upper left corner. The maximum magnitude of the flare is of about -1. (Click on the picture to start the video)


The flare of the satellite NOSS 3-4 (C) was longer than the flare of the companion, as visible from the following picture, which reports the flare track. The overall duration is of about 45 seconds. A longer flare should occur if the observer is closer to the location where the flare reverses its direction. (click here to see the flare ground track over Madrid).


Many thanks to Francisco and Rafael for the observation. The results will be useful to adjust the model.

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