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Since childhood Robert breathed the scent of wood and the attention to detail typical of the work of the artisan. The family tradition in fact, that come now to the fourth generation, allowed him to have already more than ten years experience in woodworking.
This expertise combined to the passion for rock / blues / jazz gave rise to its production of electric guitars, where the instruments are carefully treated throughout their journey from the choice of wood to final sound check.

He cooperates with painters, graphic designers, decorators, musicians: a "clique" of friends and professionals whose experimentation is a work and music a passion.

Thus was born the Roza Guitars, a small workshop where tradition and innovation are at the service of sound quality and performance comfort.


RoZa Guitars  - Italian Handcrafted Electric Guitars Workshop
 Mogliano (MC), Italy - Tel: +39 349 7271125 -Info: rozaguitars@alice.it

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