Our history


   Arcangelo Corelli Ensemble was born from the homonymous mandolins & guitars orchestra founded in 1977 in Concesio City by Mr. Frank Beretta.
        Under his guidance this orchestra held many concerts and international musical contest in Italy and in Europe.
        In 1994, ended this pleasant experience, the group was re-formed two years later, in an ensemble of few but determinated instrumetists, some of them are graduated in instrumental music.
         The new team keep music program of old orchestra, with new parts re-arranged for this unusual instrumental ensemble.
    The particular sound of mandolins and mandolas, join to the other instruments, give folk and classical caracters group performance, in evocative music and agreable listening.

Arcangelo Corelli

Saint Peter in Lamosa Church.
Provaglio City - Iseo Lake
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