Monteporzio 2000

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The 5th edition of international show "Orchidee in Centro", organized from the ALO (Associazione Laziale Orchidee) in Monteporzio Catone (small town near Rome - Italy) has unfortunately had some defection of exhibitors for via of one movement of date of the last minute. In fact 14-15-16 april was decided for a long time ago, than misfortune it wants, is coincided with politic elections. Therefore the show has been moved to the date that we know: 28 April - 1 May. Some  international exhibitors who had already given availability therefore have had to renounce. Although this, the show is remained to a highest level, for amount of exposed plants and for their  quality. Great absent of this year the genus Phragmipedium that the previous year was exposed everywere. Large the amount of Phalaenopsis whose hybrids continue to be the most popular. There is from saying that also the exposed "commercial " hybrids are however of great quality and look at in nearly every stand plants from the colors and the particular tonalities.

                          The readers excuse to me for my attention on the slippery orchids but  they are my preferred ones   ; -)

               In stand A.L.O. they make beautifulst extension of if some Vanda, a Paphiopedilum delenatii and above all a wonderful hybrid of Paphiopedilum Sanderianum.

Paphiopedilum Berenice "Bion" x  Sanderianum "Jacobs Ladder" GM/CSA AM/AOS
Paphiopedilum delenatii


One mention of merit to the V.I.P. Garden that has prepared one risen of forest with a lot of plants and also sounds in one of the greater stand. Their stand exhibited one remarkable amount of particular kinds also, arranged with care.

mporzio2-018.jpg           mporzio2-020.jpg           mporzio2-019.jpg


Also the Azienda Orchidea  of Mss. Alessandrini, in its small stand, exhibited one remarkable amount of truly exceptional plants. It is gone from a remarkable Cymbidium species 20 cm  high, to a particular clone of Paphiopedilum rotschildianum, to the Paphiopedilum fowliei and Saint Swithin, a wonderful display window with beautifulst miniature (between which I mention a Dendrobium unicum   from the exceptional flowering)

a side of Alessandrini's stand
Cymbidium sp. 
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum, a very particular clone
Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin
Phragmipedium Besseae
Paphiopedilum fowliei
Acineta superba


     The stand of Mr. Riboni had some remarkable hybrids of paphiopedilum (a pair of wonderfull yellow P. armeniacum x  primulinum) and instead they lacked  the phragmipedium, plywood but from a Mexipedium xerophiticum in bloom. Strangely  this rare (and small) species has been arranged quite hidden, when, in my humble opinion, it must have an honor place.

mporzio2-021.jpg mporzio2-022.jpg


After go to the stand of Giancarlo Pozzi that it had carried all its own hybrids. Task that very soon some of its " Di Pozzi something " will become
             famous. In particular I signal the Bc di Pozzi Cannero (Brassavola flagellaris x Cattleya Mossiae) with beautifull rose flowers, without however forgetting the others. 

a side of stand Pozzi
another side
Bc di Pozzi Cannero
Cattleya aurantiaca x encyclia ?
an unknow dendrobium
the same dendrobium
Epidendrum stanfordianum
Laelia sp.
One of Di Pozzi hybrids, "Tintoretto" ?
Brassavola nodosa x diacrium bicornutum
Another "Di Pozzi", "Tiepolo"?
On Hybrid more
Cattleya iricolor
Diacrium bilamellatum (?)
Luisia sp.
Commercial Cattleya
Slc di Pozzi Inferno
Bc di Pozzi Cannero
Another Hybrid
Another Bc di Pozzi Cannero


The much beautiful also stand of the City of Rome that has make one risen of forest, with some beauty paphs and phrags.

Phragmipedium schroederae
Paphiopedilum micranthum
Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum
Masdevallia rolfeana ?



To signal then, even if is unprovided of photo (sorry), the stand of the german Mr.  R÷llke with beautifulst hybrids and species of many genera, and with many flask from 5 or 25 seedlings. Beautifulst some Neostylis (or was ascofinetia.. bah, however they were much pretty).

                                       Finally the french Marcel Lecoufle who has carried much species and hybrids from its Parisian nursey, and the stand of Real Thailand Embassy with three paphs (godefroyae, concolor and bellatulum).

See you at Monteporzio 2001

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