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    Bellabonny - Burmese, Burmillas & Bengals - Our Burmillas
  • The Burmillas The Boys International Champion Bellabonny Hot Stuff Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla Born : 16 April 2002 Sire : EC Wendele Casanova (BMLcs11) Dam : Wendele Jacinda (BMLbs11) Harry to his friends, this beautiful boy has a lovely character and adores his humans.
  • . International Champion Tuppence de Grainoge Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla Born : 19 September 2002 Sire : EC Edison of Misapotanien (BMLns11) Dam : EC Bellabonny Enigma Variations (BMLas11) Tuppence was bred by our good friend and GCCF Burmese judge, Prue Kerr, who lives in the south of France.
  • . European Premier Wendele Debonair Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla Born : 25 February 1998 Sire : EC Thamakan Silver Duke (BMLns11) Dam : Wendele Jacinda (BMLbs11) Variously known as George, Gorgeous George and Saint George, this is without question our cuddliest cat.
  • . George featured in the pages of the Burmilla Cat Club web site, illustrating the chapter entitled “What a Burmilla Should Look Like”, which is an accolade in itself.

  • . Burmillas are the result of mating in England of a lilac Burmese female to a chinchilla Persian male in 1981.
  • . What sets the Burmilla apart, however, is the unique and spectacular shaded or tipped coat.
  • . Tortoiseshell: red, blue, brown, chocolate or lilac.) The tipped Burmilla is lighter overall than the shaded.
  • . Temperament A very affectionate cat, the Burmilla is playful, moderately active and easy going.

    The Daily Kitten - Entries from Friday, December 16. 2005
  • . 2005 Grover the chocolate burmilla at 12weeks, an absolutely adorable boy who KNOWS IT! Work the camera baby, work it! Posted by at | (Page 1 of 1, totaling 1 entries) What is The Daily Kitten? The Daily Kitten publishes a new kitten picture every day at 3.07pm GMT, (10.07am EST).

  • info: BURMILLA

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    Razze gatti: Burmilla
  • Razze gatti Burmilla RAZZE GATTI Razze a pelo lungo Razze a pelo semilungo Razze a pelo corto Classificazione FIFe e cenni storici Paese d'origine: Gran Bretagna.

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  • . Abyssinian, Asian, Balinese, Bengal, Bombay, Burmese, Burmilla, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Havana, Korat, LaPerm, Mau, Ocicat, Oriental, Oriental Longhair (Angora), Russian Blue, Siamese, Singapura, Snowshoe, Thai, Tiffanie, Tonkinese.
  • . Additional Information: Kitten List Holder for the Asian Cat Association and the SWCCC QUEENS: Breed: Asian Smoke Colour: Black Breed No: 72 42 Breed: Burmese Colour: Lilac Breed No: 27c Breed: Burmese Colour: Brown Tortie Breed No: 27e Breed: Burmese Colour: Red Breed No: 27d STUDS: Name: Gr Ch Karesama Silver Seacharmer Description: Asian Chocolate Silver Burmilla Breed No: 72 43bsq.
  • . Name: Creamcounty Kennbury Bizet Description: Asian Caramel Silver Burmilla Breed No: 72 43nsq New For 2006: Name: Kennbury Duncan Darklord Description: Asian Black Smoke Breed No: 72 42 Name: Trumark Kennbury Bedivere Description: Chocolate Burmese Breed No: 27b.
  • . Creamcounty Kennbury Bizet Caramel Silver Burmilla Trumark Kennbury Bedivere Chocolate Burmese Ref BL11 CONTACT DETAILS: Gerry and Sue Smith.

    Burmilla Kittens For Sale
  • Burmilla Kittens For Sale Breed: City: State/Province: Country: | Burmilla Kittens If you are looking for a Burmilla Kitten, click on one of the listings below.
  • . Burmilla kittens USA Breed: Burmilla Price: $350 Location: Rigby, Idaho Email: Web Site: Description: We have now 5 kittens for sale, they born 05/13/2005.

    Burmilla Cat Breed Profile - History, Temperament & Colours of the Burmilla Cat
  • Burmilla Cat Breed Profile History of the Burmilla Cat: The Burmilla came about as the result of an accidental mating between a Lilac Burmese female (Bambino Lilac Faberge) & a Silver Chinchilla male (Jemari Sanquist).
  • . In 1984 a Burmilla standard was agreed & the breed received official recognition in 1997.
  • . Appearance of the Burmilla Cat: The Burmilla is a medium sized cat, with a physique similar to that of a Burmese.
  • . A stunning feature of the Burmilla is the dark pencilling around it's beautiful green eyes which makes it look as though it's wearing eyeliner.
  • . Due to having Chinchilla in their lines, Burmillas can carry the longhaired gene.
  • . Burmilla Cat Temperament: The Burmilla has the best features of both the Burmese & the Chinchilla.
  • . Burmillas love to play, and access to toys & scratching posts are important, as is daily attention from their owners as they are an affectionate cat & enjoy being a part of the family.
  • . Words used to describe the Burmilla include: intelligent, playful, affectionate, gentle, sweet-tempered.

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    Longhair Burmilla Breed Profile
  • Longhair Burmilla Breed Profile Written by Jann of for this article.
  • . The Longhaired Burmilla is an elegant and beautiful breed developed from the shorthair Burmilla programme, which began with an accidental mating between a Burmese and a Chinchilla in the UK.
  • . A special feature of the Longhair Burmilla is the luminous green eyes, exotically lined with black, which makes the longhair cats very reminiscent of the old fashioned Chinchilla.
  • . Longhair Burmilla Personality: The Longhair Burmilla is bright and fun loving, but more laid back than its shorthair relative in most cases.

    Stamboom Adam Rickit
  • Naam: Kattenhulpdelfland Adam Rickitt Stamboeknummer: NL.FE.R01.BML.005.2 Ras: burmilla Kleur: zwart shaded silver Rasnummer: XSH ns 11 Groep: n.v.t.

    Stamboom Geena Davis
  • Naam: Ch.Felis Zitteli's Geena Davis Stamboeknummer: NL.FE.R00.BML.002.3 Ras: burmilla Kleur: chocolate shaded silver Rasnummer: BML bs 11 Groep: n.v.t.

    Breeder Listings- Asian / Burmilla / Tiffanie
  • next breed: ~~> <~~ previous breed: Asian / Burmilla / Tiffanie Description / History "Asian" describes a group of cats developed primarily in England.
  • . Associations : The Asian / Burmilla / Tiffanie are accepted by GCCF.
  • . Cat toys for the Asian / Burmilla / Tiffanie : by Toy Shoppe -These are the ones that no cat can resist! -Soft and colorful with the irresistible lure of catnip inside these will be quickly be counted among your cat's favorite new toys.
  • . -If your indoor kitty is suffering from a case of cabin fever Mad Platter Toys might be the cure! View Asian / Burmilla / Tiffanie Breeder Listings: View Asian / Burmilla / Tiffanie Breeder Listings: | Photo © Website Design By: COPYRIGHT © 1998- 2002, Cat Craze.


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  • . Mrs Dorothy Davies - Malbrant Barrow Corner Cottage, Barrow Lane, Charlton, Musgrove, Wincanton, Somerset BA9 8HW Tel: 01963 32422 Stud at limited availablity: Burmilla & Asian Studs Burmese Mrs Liz Kasamun - Bienzoli 4 Wyon Close Danescourt Llandaff Cardiff CF5 2RN Tel: 02920576416 email: Lilac Tortie Burmese.

    Burmilla Cat Breed Profile - Burmilla Breed Description and Photos
  • Burmilla Cat Breed Profile and Breed Description with Photos Photos by Isabella Wong Leung of and .
  • . Also Burmilla Click here for Burmilla Breed Profile Related Links Burmilla History Date of Origin 1981 Place of Origin: Britain Ancestry: Burmese, Chinchilla Longhair/Persian The Burmilla was first bred in Britain in 1981 after an accidental mating between a Lilac Burmese and a Chinchilla Silver Persian.
  • . The breed was developed from this point, with outcrosses back to Burmese and Chinchilla being used at various stages to consolidate a cohesive look Burmilla Coat Type and Colours The Burmilla is a beautiful cat of medium foreign type, showing striking contrast between coloured Shading/Tipping and Silver undercoat with delicate tracings of Tabby markings on the head, legs and tail.
  • . The Burmilla's eyes are the stunning feature of this cat.
  • . The Burmilla come in 5 colours and the coat is either shaded or tipped: Chocolate, Brown, Blue, Lilac and Black.
  • . The coat patterns are Self, (Burmese solid colours), Smoke, Shaded, Tipped and Tabby The Burmilla may be silver or non silver.

    Burmilla Cattery Tearsong
  • De oorsprong De Burmilla is in 1981 bij toeval ontstaan in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.
  • . Het type, het temperament en het spectaculaire uiterlijk waren aanleiding voor de fokkers om geplande dekkingen plaats te laten vinden tussen Burmezen en Chinchilla's...en de Burmilla was geboren.
  • . Het uiterlijk Qua type lijkt de Burmilla op de Burmees.
  • . De Burmilla is een middelgrote, sierlijke kat.
  • . Een van de opvallendste kenmerken van de Burmilla zijn de ogen, groen, expressief en omlijnd door een donkere rand, het lijkt of de ogen omrand zijn door eyeliner.
  • . Burmilla's hebben een fraaie korte en fijne vacht met een zijde-achtige structuur.
  • . Ondankt hun ondervacht, ligt de vacht van de Burmilla toch mooi glad aan.Burmilla's zijn er in diverse kleurvariĆ«teiten.
  • . Het karakter De Burmilla is enorm lieve, intelligente en sociale kat.
  • . Burmilla's zijn grote kletskousen, zij leveren doorlopend commentaar op alles wat er in huis gebeurt en zij hebben je een hoop te vertellen als je thuiskomt.

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