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Seedlist CA and up. --Carica 'pentagona'. (e,g) CARI-P. Packet: $2.00 Just in from Brazil, this is said to be C. pentagona, though true pentagona is usually sterile or produces only a few seeds, so this is
CRFG Fruit List numerous brown-black pea-size seeds which can be used as a spice (some people chew them). Unripe papaya can be cooked as a vegetable. See Papaya CARICA PENTAGONA See Babaco CARICA PUBESCENS
The Cloudforest Cafe 06 Carica pentagona by Virgil on 3/22/06 Carica pentagona by Virgil on 3/22/06 wow!!!!!!!! by carlo by carlo on 3/23/06 Jeff, please save me some seeds by Axel on 3/23/06 More on TR hovey by Jeff on
Plant Names: Ba Hem to Byzantine Gladiolus B & T World Seeds English Français Deutsch Español Common Name: Botanical name: Click here for the ji, Noni) Baardbessie Rhus incisa Babaco Carica pentagona aff. Babano Del Arbol Moringa oleifera
Table of Contents Abstract)—Caula A. Beyl Regeneration of Carica pentagona (Babaco) (Abstract)—Rebecca Vega de Rojas Protein Quality in Apios americana Tubers and Seeds (Abstract)—P.W Wilson, F.J. Pichardo, W.J
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Information Sheets: Pawpaw in a glasshouse or conservatory. Washed seeds should be sown on a compost rich in organic market in this country is the babaco (Carica pentagona), which is possibly a hybrid of the
South American Fruits Deserving Further Attention exterior. The pulp is sweet and pleasant and the seeds can be roasted for consumption. The odor of the 1982. El cultivo comercial del babaco (Carica pentagona Heilb.) en Ecuador. Proc. Trop. Region Am
Definitions, Food terms, Glossary eggplant and tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds. This dish is known as mutabbal in the Levant known as Blagadoush. Babaco The babaco (Carica pentagona), is a species of the genus Carica from
Fruits of Mexico - Papaya from damping off. Under ideal conditions the seeds may germinate in about two weeks, but may take Tree Melon. Related Species: Babaco (Carica pentagona), Mountain Papaya (C. pubescens

Carica Pentagona
Carica pentagona Heilborn Caricaceae Common Names: Babaco, Mountain Papaya. Related Species: Fruit: Babaco fruits set parthenocarpically, as there are no seeds present in the fruit
CARICA PENTAGONA Heilborn - Babaco, Mountain Papaya Babaco fruits set parthenocarpically, as there are no seeds present in the fruit
PAPAYA Fruit Facts
Related Species: Babaco ( Carica pentagona ), Mountain Papaya ( C. pubescens ), Chamburo ( C. stipulata The flesh is bright orange or pinkish, depending on variety, with small black seeds clustered
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Other species of Carica are; C. heilbornii , sometimes sold a C. pentagona , (Bush melon of the Andes) Digital Raingardens Seeds Fresh Sago See
Vasconcella x heilbornii
Carica fructifragrans García-Barr et Hern., Carica chrysopetala Heilborn, Carica pentagona characteristic is the absence or very low content of (mostly) empty or unviable seeds
Vasconcella spp.
Fruits are baccate with crested seeds often embedded in gelatine-like sarcotesta. Babaco ( Carica pentagona Heilb.): A Possible Crop for the Greenhouse. Hortscience 31(5): 785-788
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Carica pentagona - Babaco - Ecuador X. Small plant producing massive fruit - 30 kgs in one year if fed well. Seeds in middle. Similar to babaco but not as sweet and only 10cm. Attractive foliage plant
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The papaya, Carica papaya L., is a member of the small family usually numerous small, black, ovoid, corrugated, peppery seeds F., C. pentagona Heilborn, C. goudotiana Tr. & Pl. (one type yellow
Mountain papaw (Carica pubescens) Pepino (Solanum muricatum) conical to subspherical, and it may be with or without seeds. The Ecuadorian species C. pentagona and C. c hrysopetala have been carica+pentagona+seeds: carica+pentagona+seeds

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