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What Is?

Updaters or Patchers maker

  • Enhanced Delphi 7 version by ZeuSoft
  • Inspired from PMaker 0.99 by Kill3xx

  • History, Bugs & New Features:
  • Capability to export compare result between two files or direct data changes from edit data Form (direct data window).
    - Added Memory/Process patcher module (Loader). This new module allows to patch the program directly into his memory.
  • Three modes available: Standard, Wait for Class and Wait for Title.
    - At this time, offer some features like:
  • Memory Patch: simple memory patch action
  • Seek&Replace: seek pattern into memory and replace
  • Compare files: compare with patched file and add Memory Patch entries
  • Wait: wait (mS) between actions
  • Resume: resume process execution
  • Others minor bugs fixed and improvements.
  • New and 'unique' feature added on Seek & Replace: the Intelligent Replacer™. This new function allows to read some bytes from the original file (into seek area) and copy them (also with offset) into the replacement pattern. Suitable If wanted to recopy values or addresses that change in dependence of the compilation (build) of the program to modify.
  • Drag'n'drop on PMaker for .PRJ files are now possible.
  • PMaker is started also by double click on .PRJ files (files association)
  • Fixed bug that may be prevent the start of the Packer/Crypter for the compression of the produced patch.
  • Add possibility to insert or exclude the Packer/Crypter for the compression of the produced patch.
  • The option for the exclusion of the bit-map for the logo (small patch) is now saved with the project file.
  • More enlarged forms (added more space for translated strings)
  • Others minor bugs fixed & Little restyling.
  • Added more language packs: Chinese traditional and two French.
  • Enlarged forms (added more space for translated strings).
  • Are now possible translation for panel headers (Project, Design, BytePatch, etc..).
  • Some little bugs fixed.
  • Multi-Language interface version is done!! In this release: English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (simplified) and German.
  • Multi-Language contextual help (at this time only English Help).
  • Added complete Icon Grabber(!); now the icon for the patch can be grabbed from executables like the target file (and saved, if you want to made some changes with an icon editor ;-).
  • Added 'Save As..' capabilities for generated patch; now any patch name are allowed.
  • Fixed little bug in registry patcher (Tnx to Ta**).
  • Now logo bitmap are selectable; in this way patch size may be reduced down to 8 Kb. (in best case)
  • Some bugs fixed (in crypt-compression).
  • Another little restyling. beta 2
  • Fixed bug in patch module (Tnx to Pi***co).
  • Added patch size info on success dialog. beta
  • Added Byte Hunter. (yes, is done :)
  • Added design preview. (under construction)
  • Revised patcher core for Byte Hunter; keep small generated patch file size: only 28 Kbyte.
  • A little restyling ;) beta 5
  • Fixed bug in custom icon & bitmap creation.
  • Added successful patch.exe creation dialog. (thanks to: ol****70, pdn****ra, A***2000 & others) beta 4
  • Registry patch (yes, is done :) with stupid reg file syntax checker.
  • Allow patch if different file size (selectable)
  • Ignore if already patched (selectable)
  • PE packer-compressor (selectable)
  • PMaker core now work better under Windows XP
  • Fixed bug of internal PE packer-compressor
  • Fixed bugs of patcher core (in file browser) beta 3
  • Now PMaker core is working on Win 95/98/ME, NT & 2000
  • Add internal PE packer-compressor beta 2
  • Small generated patcher file: only 26 Kbyte (This version of PMaker call an external PE packer - compressor) beta 1
  • Bitmap resolution extended to 250 x 100 pixels
  • Multiple files patch full working
  • File compare and manual edit are full working

  • Note on Registry Patcher under Windows XP/Vista/7

    PMaker can load .REG files in REGEDIT4 format only; Windows XP allow the new REGEDIT5 format for reg files. Under XP/Vista/7 you MUST save from regedit using the 'save as REGEDIT4' option.

    The future...

  • The Future... Only Time Will Tell :)
  • new ideas are welcome! Please, mail me ;)

  • Download the last version free of charge:

    Download last release HERE and, if you want, send comments to :)

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