Italian National Championships 1998

This Championships are probably the most interesting events that we can see in Italy, because many international gymnasts compete here. In fact every gymnast can do 1 or 2 performances, and her score will be added to the other scores of her teammates: for this reason we could define it a "team" competition. There are three rounds : two preliminary heats (this year in Fano and Torino) and a final (this year in Arezzo). I went to see the competitions of Fano and Arezzo, and I took many photos of good gymnasts. Here there is the list of them: just click on the names to see their photo galleries. There are three levels: A1 (the best gymnasts), A2 and B. In every level, there are separeted regional, then interregional, then national competitions ( the finals).I'm sorry, but I photographed only the gymnasts of A1.

Gymnasts' photo galleries

Natalia Lipovskaya (RUS)

Julia Barsoukova (RUS)

Julia Raskina (BIE)

Alina Kabaeva (RUS)

Valeria Vatkina (BIE)

Diana Popova (BUL)

Susanna Marchesi (ITA)

Photos of the podium (A1)



Results of the final

1) Aurora Fano - with Laura Zacchilli, Alina Kabaeva, Letizia Rossi-
2)Petrarca Arezzo - with the Italian Champion Susanna Marchesi, Nicoletta Tinti, Julia Raskina -
3) Armonia Chieti
- with Noemi Iezzi, N.Liposkaya in the preliminary heat and D.Popova in the final -and Rubattino Genova - with Martina Nadalini, Valeria Vatkina -
5) Vis favaro veneto
6) Udinese
7) Comense 1872
8) Libertas Marcora

1) Ardor Padova - with Margherita Bergami, Editha Schaufler-
2) Flaminio Roma
- with Teodora Alexandrova -
3) S.Giorgio 79 and 5 Cerchi Abano Terme - with Almudena Cid Tostado -
5) Colombo Cagliari
6) Moderna Legnano
7) Iris Firenze