News about Marina Lobatch

Marina, the great rhythmic gymnast of the Eighties, is now a coach and a judge for the Bielorussian Federation. She lives in Minsk, Bielorussia; she has a husband, Dmitry Bogdanov, and a daughter, Irina. Her italian adventure began in 1993, when she came to Lamezia Terme to prepare her gymnasts, Larissa Lukyanenko and Tatiana Ogryzko, for the National "Serie A". They trained there for a while; then they competed for the local society, the "Gascal", and they arrived 2nd. It was a great experience for both the Bielorussian and the Italians, as they has the possibility to meet gymnasts from other schools and to be helped by a very skilled coach. Marina returned in Bielorussia in April 1994, then she came to Rome 2 times, as a former. Between the 24th July and the 7th August 1998, she was in Italy again, and more precisely in Marina di Nocera Terinese, with her family, because she had been invited by the "Gascal" society.
These informations were given to me by Paolo, who is a great friend of hers. Of course, he knows many other things about her, but I only wrote what it's interesting for her fans, because she is a very reserved person and we want to respect her privacy.

Here's a photo of the Bielorussian family.