Report from the World Championships in Berlin 1997

~ Elena Vitrischenko won four titles ~

The 21st world mastership of the rhythmic sport gymnastics is over. On the final day of the event, 6.5oo visitors filled the Max-Schmeling-Halle and had ones artistic ability the young athlete inside. Most successful was the 21 years old Elena Vitrichenko from the Ukraine, which can leave Berlin with two silver and four gold medals.

She won in the single-increase fight with the cable, the clubs and with the volume, repeated ones here their success of Vienna. Two Russian girls placed as "medal collectors" behind the Ukrainerin.

The 18 years old Natalja Lipkowskaja won per twice gold, silver and bronze and was chosen to the "most elegant Gymnastin" of the WM by Berlin`s top-model Nadja Auermann.

Her 19 years old team comrade Yanina Batyrchina brought it to two Gold-, one silver- and a bronze medal. All other gymnasts with the exception of the french Eva Serrano (twice bronze) none had part of the medal rain.

Very considerable the results of the two German gymnastic girls, which train in Wattenscheid (Germany) - Edita Schaufler and Magdalena Brzeska- they could make the jump to the best eight in the world.

The best placement achieved Magdalena Brzeska with her 5th place with the clubs. She was away from the bronze medal for only 17 hundredth.

That compared to two eight places stood with the maturing and the volume. The 17 years old Edita Schaufler paid attention with place eight with the cable, then three times the 6th place with tires, clubs and band.

The vice-president of the organization committee and president of the Berlin gymnast alliance, Peter Hanisch, had a resumee: "I believe, we were able to present a splendid event the people of Berlin and we are very proud on it that so many visitors have found the way to the sport-hall".

20.500 visitors pursued the four day competitions - 22.000 were necessary for cover of the budget.