A site with the icon include one or more original cardset.
Geo's website include new cardsets and a very good Tutorial on how to convert your games to a Thoth module
Jimmy' website (Formula Dé cardset among the others)
Marcelo Paschoalin's website (Down in Flames)
SB Designs Thoth Page
Walter O'Hara Thoth page - you can find some complete games including the cards. A must-see for PBEM
Lloyd Krassner Warp Games. Tons of free games and ideas for card/board games. A lot of Thoth ideas and games cames out of Lloyd's work.
The Thoth forum on Yahoo - mainly focused on the development of Thoth games.
Markus Salo web site: another goodplace to look for ideas and game modules.
Dvorak is a card game for any number of players, some pens, and some blank pieces of cardboard. Another great source of game ideas.


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