Gladius Support Page


Gladius is another great WarpSpawn game by Lloyd Krassner: the rules of the game are available at the WarpSpawn site and covers both one-to-one combats and campaign game. To make your life easier you can find here a PDF version of all the rules.

This page contains a complete set of cards to play Gladius: all the cards are JPEG 200dpi files (about 350-380K) and are intended to be printed in colors.

You can also find on another page on this site some play aids for the campaign game (gladiator stats card and list of pre-generated gladiators).

Last update: 27-jan-2001

BASE SET (Retiarius and Secutor) THRACIAN
armor.jpg THRACIAN - armor.jpg
cast net.jpg THRACIAN - buckler.jpg
dagger.jpg THRACIAN - fleet.jpg
disarm.jpg THRACIAN - sword.jpg
dodge.jpg DIMACHAERI
duck.jpg DIMACHAERI - crossed swords.jpg
grapple.jpg DIMACHAERI - double thrust.jpg
kick.jpg DIMACHAERI - sidestep.jpg
knockdown.jpg DIMACHAERI - sword flurry.jpg
leap.jpg SAMNITE
parry.jpg SAMNITE - armor.jpg
pommel.jpg SAMNITE - cut.jpg
sand in eyes.jpg SAMNITE - impale.jpg
shield bash.jpg SAMNITE - passive shield.jpg
shield block.jpg MURMILLO
sword stab.jpg MURMILLO - overhead swing.jpg
trident.jpg MURMILLO - stunning blow.jpg
withdraw.jpg MURMILLO - wild swing.jpg
  MURMILLO - armor.jpg
  MURMILLO - sword.jpg
  MURMILLO - shield.jpg