These are other games realized by myself - in absolute random order.

Way of the Warrior

WoTW s a solo paper-and-pencil system to simulate small tactical war operations. Is not aimed at a specific period: the base version of the rules is set on WWII but is very easy to introduce new periods.

Rules in PDF format.

Steel and Crystal

Steel and Crystal is an easy solo paper-and-pencil game of conquest on a fantasy land.

Rules in PDF format.

Scenario #1





Regolamento Fantasy

(In italian)

A complete ruleset to play a strategic fantasy campaign, with a quick mechanism to solve the battles or the alternative use of a tactical system (like FR!)

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Fast Game System

FGS is a simple system to be used as a support for the skirmish miniature rules. The idea is quite simple: to provide a mechanism to make it possible to move your figures without any ruler while keeping the special "feeling" of the 3-dimensional terrain.

Rules in PDF format.