Here You can find the armies created by the Hoplites players all over the world and some other specials. 
The Army Editor is also available in this page.

Unless stated otherwise to use an army simply right click on the army name and save the file on your Hoplites directory.

Army Name Description Author
Briton Iron Age British army, consisting of large warbands, chariot mounted warriors and hordes of sling armed skirmishers. Ian Wedge
Diadochoi A series of six armies based around the Hellenistic armies of Alexander's Successors in the time period 322 BC to 301 BC. Each army is based around a phalanx, but in addition to this has its own regional "flavor" taken from the historical knowledge we have of the various armies. Michael Akinde
Alesia Two new armies, "Caesar, victor of Alesia" and "Vercingétorix" with two extra BI cards.
(unzip the archive on your Hoplites folder). 
The images.dat file for 1.6.2 includes the new cards.
Bruno Cosenza
Spartacus Ex-gladiator Spartacus leads an army of half-trained Roman slaves, all desperate to protect their new-found freedom. They withstand the enemy's initial onslaught, so his Colosseum-hardened fellow gladiators can deliver the counterstroke. E.C. Ostermeyer
Alexander the Great
Hannibal Barca
Scipio Africanus
Four armies available in the army pack 01 archive (unzip it on your Hoplites folder).  Franco Gardella
Kastuyori Takeda  The Takeda army at Nagashino: poor leader control (one clan!) but strong KB Berger
Surenas The army of Surenas is almost entirely horse archers with a couple of cataphacted heavy cavalry to represent the miscellaneous nobles on hand. The army has mobility and several missile replacement cards to represent the baggage trains of arrow carrying camels Surenas employed. 
This army has been created to fight against Crassus, Surenas having great manoeuvrability and Crassus able to take a lot of damage.
Stuart Bennington
Crassus The army of Crassus is large but almost devoid of archers and horsemen, given these were quickly disposed of in the real battle.  This leaves lots and lots of mediocre legions.
This army has been created to fight against Surenas, being able to to take a lot of damage and Surenas having great manoeuvrability.
Stuart Bennington
Antiochus Late Selucids army with CAT HC. Michael Akinde
Maccabees Judas waits on the mountains to crush the Seleucids. Robert R. Leonhard
Rampaging Pachiderms A strong force of EL supported by LI and CH Lon

Some "special" armies not included in the standard distribution.

Army Name Description
Mordor An unusual army based on the world Middle Earth
To install it unzip the zip file into your Hoplites directory


Creating a new Army

The Army Editor is now on version 1.0.1. There is only a simple manual at the moment but I guess you can use it anyway since is a very simple tool: here below you can see a screenshot (not the up-to-date version).

Each army is built up using a point system derived from the Sal Vasta DYO rules: you can use 1600 points to buy the different units on the basis of each nationality. For the command cards (e.g. FLANK) and the leaders you have a different point limit based on the nationality (normally between 300 and 400 points).
In the area marked in red on the window you can specify how many units you  want to buy up to the maximum allowed. The area marked in green is used to specify the minimum units that you have to buy. The blue area is where You put the name of the file (without the .army extension) and the army name.

All editor versions before 0.6 should be considered beta; not all the armies are well balanced but I expect to do it with your feedbacks.

CARD Samples

Card Type Example
MERCENARY units and BASE Units
Available for custom armies