CPs Terrarium
Temperate, tropical and cooled terrarium

This site would share our enthusiasm for Nature. Due to our interest in Carnivorous Plants (CPs) most of the site is focused to these amazing creatures.

We'll describe how to design and build Terrariums for both Temperate and Tropical plants and a prototype of a Solid State Cooled Tank.

A picture gallery shows how some CPs lives in the wild, especially in Western Australia.

Thanks to Phill Mann, one of most expert of Western Australian Carnivorous Plants , we found and shot a large number of Tuberous Drosera.

A section of this site shares some data recorded in the Wild as temperatures, pH, soil types etc.

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last update 03-Mar 2002

Cultivated CPs
Some plants we grow, our growlist, on Field recorded data.

CPs of Australia in the Wild
Some Australian CPs in their Habitat

Download Area
Movies and Screensavers.