Walter Bortolossi is born on 14 January 1961 at Basel , Switzerland, from italian parents. In that period Basel was subjected to great Sandoz kingdom. Bortolossi paints and draws from ever, also before he was child. On 1527 meets (just in Basel) Philipp Theophrast Bombast Von Hohenheim (called Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Paracelsus) and follows him to destroy Avicenna's Canon. Paracelsus consigns the secret of Philosophical Stone to Bortolossi but he loses it irremediably. When he’s 14 teen first own sexual experience with young woman that likes queen Nefertiti. From 1869 he attends at the university the lessons of whimsical professor Nietzsche. From him he learn the know how of Scepticism ; so during three years until to Nietzsche is expelled from teaching for his maniacal behaviour . On 1938, in a moment of nostalgia, Bortolossi helps Stoll and Hoffman in their experiment to reconstruction of Philosophical Stone but the experiment fails for a short while. Following Bortolossi loses every remenbrance regarding this event. At this point leaves Switzerland and goes to Udine, Italy. Along many years only alleviation are the false films of Karel Zeman : when he visits "The bachelor machines " ' exhibition during 1975 Venice Biennale he believes that the curator Harald Szeemann is a relative of Zeman : favourable mistake! On 1976 , reading the Timothy Leary's comments based on "Tibetan book of deads", he remainds everything; finally he understands the wonderful adventures of Doctor Strange in the comics by Gene Colan that he had already read on 1966 . On 1978 he challenges monsieur Alfred Jarry to bicycle race but loses. In the following year also loses a competition of disguising against monsieur Raymond Roussel. From 1975 to 1985 he lives in Venice, where attends Liceo Artistico and Fine Arts ' Academy. In a cinema near Academy knows the inconceivable films of Alejandro Jodorowsky. When, at Peggy Guggenheim Foundation , sees paintings of Jackson Pollock and Max Ernst remembers an other painting seen at Kunstmuseum of Basel at age of three: a painting realized by Picasso and precisely a painting refered to a painting by Courbet. A day he drinks tea with Mario, Tetè, Paolo and Leo listening enraptured music of Jimy Hendrix and Frank Zappa . Many indians in Italy. The first Carnivals in Venice. On 1985 he leaves Venice and has to go back to Udine , where lives today too, very bored. At Udine , in the apparently eternal black night discoveres the books of Musil and Pynchon ; from this moment his interest to sciences and economy is rising . On 1987 lives a short time in London doing nothing. (Glastonbury festival with Peter and Daniela “the ripper ”). Annoyed from post-conceptual adresses of contemporary art he starts to study seriously ancient arts and his favourite painter becomes Rubens. Many trips across the time. The first art exhibition of Bortolossi happens on 1991 in an alternative space in Torino. The subjects of many works are the Time and the epystemological conflicts . There he knows the bald egiptian and the prisoner of labyrinths: today this space doesn't exist more and the prisoner of labyrinths is dead. Sucessively has exhibited his work in many spaces of Italy and abroad: some of these spaces don't exist more but are sleeping in the Walhalla of heroes. From the start of his artistic career he gives up every kind of vice and becomes an artist – salvationist: no drinks, no drugs, no smoke. He likes swimming and riding on bicycle. But who is the enigmatical cold Venus? And the red contortionist priestess? On 1989 acquires his first Apple computer and meets the digital couple; one is the phantom of irresponsible prof. Leary and the other is the reincarnation of irreproachably mathematician Babbage . Now, the conflicts aren’t in the abstract world of philosophy but are in the real geographical world. Following Burroughs and Debord he attacks the laws of spectacle and shows the nonsense of communicative inflation . Terrible decadence of Venice carnival. Court bufoons. On january 2002 founds as a consultant an art gallery in Udine, togheter a band of crazy and unlucky artists and collectors, and one bungler. After initial great success the situation is degenerate and Bortolossi two years after gives up the game and decides to be only an artist. In these last two years Germany goes to Lousiana and Bortolossi, conducted by the melancholy fawn , has visited the inverted ways of Ireland and the nameless ways of Portugal. Near Lisbon, at Sintra, the fable is so false that may be finally true. Meanwhile Italy suffers the worst economical crisis after last war. Bortolossi hopes that Mandrake becomes chief of italian government for to save difficult situation. (december 2004)