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Massimiliano Ferrati's Press Excerpts


"...Massimiliano Ferrati, a highly gifted young pianist: extraordinarily musical, well-balanced in the interpretation of the text...His Mozart is so pleasant to listen to, fluid and extremely clear in expressing the musical content...When he plays Chopin...he achieves exceptional effects..."

Sergio Garbato. "Il Resto del Carlino" (Italy), 3.2.1993



"...a recital in memory of Magaloff...by a promising new young pianist: Massimiliano Ferrati won the hearts of the audience and made his way as a concert performer. He displays a wealth of vigorous resources and a penetrating understanding of the logic of the text. Filled with fervour, he "speaks the language" of the composers with enthusiasm of ideas, phrasing, questions. In his interpretation of Mozart...the image evolves moment by moment in a range of effective answers. In Chopin...his highly refined sound turns to magic, the breath being held momentarily...the vigour, the exaltation...His Chopin is authoritative, applauded even in the three encores."

Franca Cella. "Corriere della Sera" (Italy), 4.5.1993



"...Massimiliano Ferrati demonstrated excellent technical skill together with the ability of emotional expression able to move the listener and the ability to create original musical images."

Paul Badura-Skoda 1990. "Applausi" (Italy), Novembre 1994



"...Ferrati drew a very expressive sound and his lyrical performance of Chopinís Concerto in E minor makes him an artist to watch." 

Tamara Bernstein. "The Globe and Mail" (Canada), 11.25.1996



"...the exceptional keyboard displays of Massimiliano Ferrati, in a powerhouse reading of Musorgskijís Pictures at an Exhibition."

Michael Dervan. "The Irish Times", 5.9.1997



"...Ferratiís sound was arrestingly distinctive: rich, focused and consistent. He is a superb player..."

Michael Dungan. "Hevening Herald" (Ireland), 5.13.1997



"...His Chopinís First Piano Concerto was a caring performance, cultured in tone, convincing in its sense of musical probity: much there was to enjoy moment by moment..."

Michael Dervan. "The Irish Times", 5.16.1997



"...Massimiliano Ferrati a highly vigorous and imaginative performer."

Maria Paola Scaccetti. "Suonare" (Italy), October 1998



"The Italian, Massimiliano Ferrati, is a bright, glowing expressionist. In Mozart he produced pearls; in Chopin he was spiritual; he sang; he was romantic, highly polished. And in Mussorgskij ("Pictures"), he blew up the auditorium. Images of an erupting volcano. He may have shown some affectations, but he was great, immense, original, compelling." 

Ora Binur. "Ma'ariv" (Israel), 03.29.2001



"When, Massimiliano Ferrati, the Italian, began playing the slow movement in Concerto no.3 by Beethoven, he was a poet in describing a legend in sound. He speaks and sings in sound, like the legendary Michelangelo." 

Ora Binur. "Ma'ariv" (Israel), 04.02.2001



"The Italian, Massimiliano Ferrati, played Beethoven's Piano Concerto no.3 excellently. The Italian has come out of the oven evenly baked all over. He played Beethoven in the traditional manner, giving it the correct dose of romantic sauce." 

Hanoch Ron. "Yediot Acharonot" (Israel), 04.02.2001



"There is no doubt that Ferrati is a superior pianist who has the spark of an artist." 

Hanoch Ron. "Yediot Acharonot" (Israel), 04.04.2001



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