Tour-2001 Report

BY THE GODS ......... We bring you GREETINGS FROM THE ROAD. Edward, Frank, Josh & I want of you know how we are faring on this Tour. First and foremost, we would like to say a mighty, "HAIL!!!!!!!" to all of you who have attended our recent shows. The expression of Support, Faith, Belief & Triumph help us to carry out our message of MAGICK, FIRE & MUSIC!!!!!!!

Secondly, while Frank the Baron von Gilchriest is not on this tour we have NOT broken ways with The Baron!!! The schedule provided him with some conflicts which made him unable to commit to the tour for its duration ...... the door is, as they say, open for his return. Pounding the skins in his stead is Frank Zummo. The name may sound familiar to some of you as he has been a guest player on previous records. And on bass, we have a blistering six-string player, Josh Block. Josh & Frank are welcome additions into the Realm of the Guardians of the Flame.

For those of you who have been unable to join us, we wanted to give you an idea of what you've been missing!! (heh, heh, heh.) A sampling of the set list on any given evening may include Invictus, Nemesis, Wine of Violence, In Triumph or Tragedy, Return of the King, Great Sword of Flame, A Token of My Hatred, Emalaith, Victory is Mine, Kingdom of the Fearless, Through the Ring of Fire and on special nites, Veni, Vidi, Vici, the Burning of Rome and Noble Savage. We're quite pleased with our new acoustic part of the set which we have been performing in the middle of the set. It includes Emalaith leading into the Burning of Rome... and from your responses, you seem to like it as well!

The venues have ranged from smaller capacity along the order of 600-700 to somewhat larger rooms holding 2000+. Regardless of size, all have been packed and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been recording the shows most every nite and are capturing a great deal of the Magick & Mayhem (just a minor hint as to the status of a live project, perhaps???!!!) In every country Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic we have been received with Grace & Honour. It has been our pleasure to play both Poland & the Czech Republic for the first time ever. We even had some time to sightsee in Italy! We were privvy to the majesty that is the Colesium... Truly epic, indeed!

Our most major problems to-date occured just this week. Apparantly three tour buses (two with enormous trailers) created some suspicion with the Slovenian Border Patrol! When it became increasingly clear that they were not going to allow us entry, we turned around, waited for four hours and went back to the border after shift change!!! Only to be held up again once we arrived at the Polish border. So after 15 hours of travel in what should have been four hours, flash lites in our faces and uniformed guards peering in through windows, we finally arrived at the venue.

Well, with three weeks left, our Energy is as high as when we began the Tour (thanks in part to the Fans). We look forward to our remaining shows and to seeing all of you there!!! Again, we thank you for your wishes and support...... It has been our pleasure to meet you...... It is our honour to perform for you....... Until we meet again!!! BY THE HAMMER OF ZEUS..... WE SHALL REMAIN INVICTUS!!! FOREVERMORE!!!!

David D. DeFeis, 7 February 2001