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Official Virgin Steele Label
Official Site
Official Virgin Steele web-site

The Redeemers
The Redeemers official web-site
Virgin Steele - Official Forum
Virgin Steele message-board hosted by Noise Records
Virgin Steele - Noise Recordstore
Virgin Steele albums & merchandise on-line recordstore
Arms of Mercury
Official Italian Site new version
The first Virgin Steele web-site on the net
Nikocity Virgin Steele
Virgin Steele - Germany
Die Rebellen - Official Site
Official web-site of the Metal Opera
Die Rebellen - Premiere
See shots from the premiere of the Metal Opera
The Root of Knowledge
Ideology and any other expressable information...
Polish web-site - English version & Polska wersja
Noble Savages
Greek web-site & nice pics
No Turning Back
Site dedicated to Jack Starr
Immortally Committed
New York calssic metal band featuring DAVID DEFEIS as SPECIAL GUEST on their first album

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