Our blood contains the essence of the Ancient race or Original Gods who were dethroned by the current Dynasty of Heaven. This blood burns for revenge. This blood burns to take back its rightful place in the Palace of the Sky. This blood will ignite the Flames of Rebellion and the Grand Conflict begins ! ! ! ! ! ! !


INVICTUS is a Hymn to Power, extolling the strength of the Spirit/Will. A tribute to the Power in oneself ! It is a kick in theface to any and all the problems, opposition, oppression, wrong doing, etc., that one encounters in life. If you trust in the Power of your Soul/Instinct, you will survive. You may be bloody, but never, ever vanquished ! ! ! ! ! ! !


On the road to Hell, on the Edge of Chaos, War, Fire and Ruin, Humanity comes to know itself Divine! Man/Woman=God/Goddess. We awaken to the ancient Power that resides within us. Our intellect, our physical self/expression, and our Soul/Spirit are all connected, ONE ! The BODY is our Energy, the MIND is the key by which we can imagine and achieve anything, and the SPIRIT housed within our Flesh, is the Power source of our Might, Strength, Will,
Force and Resistance. Endyamon sees into the future and knows that his line will continue. The children of Emalaith and he will finally live long enough to carry the line even further. Endyamon/Humanity learn that they don't need or want the Gods to meddle in their affairs anymore, for Humanity/Endyamon, know themselves to be GODS/GODDESSES. The slower end section of the song can be thought of as "the turning away".



Heralds the arrival of the wrath of the Godhead in full battle rage, proclaiming omniscient power and divine might. Humanity counters with a calm, cool defense. Endyamon knows that the Gods will never reveal the answers to the questions which plague us, or show any mercy or understanding for the Human condition. He also knows that the time of the Gods is nearly through and Humanity's time is soon in coming. Therefore he waits, watches and fights when necessary. In the midst of tyranny, WE WILL RISE ! ! ! Like the "MARRIAGE" albums, here we also have various recurring musical and lyrical themes which represent certain ideas, people or emotions. Again some are boldly stated while others are transformed into alternate shapes. These are the threads or ties that bind the songs together.


An Epic in the VIRGIN STEELE tradition. "THE SWORD", is the antagonist/opposer to Endyamon. "THE SWORD", is a servant/weapon of the Gods who patrols Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Earth, striking fear and delivering pain and death to those who oppose the Gods' will. "THE SWORD" has delivered the death blow to Endyamon and Emalaith many times. In Endyamon, "THE SWORD" recognizes a worthy opponent and does respect and fear him. The sparks fly fast and furious between them.


Came about by accident or perhaps Fate. I arrived at the studio one morning, (after another late night session), to find the engineer a complete physical wreck! He had gone out on the town after the session and was suffering for it. While I waited for him to recover, I sat at the piano and began playing and singing. Five minutes later "GOD OF OUR SORROWS", was born. Being very excited and having no sympathy for the engineer whatsoever, I said: "Steve, get your ass in gear I want to record this now ! ! !" He promptly did and here is the result. Oh, and I might add, the recording and mixing of this song restored him completely! More evidence of the Healing Powers of VIRGIN STEELE.


Was recorded shortly after on this same day. I see this as a prelude to DEFIANCE. A primal, ancient summons and pledge.A call to arms, sung from the Mountains to the Sea !


DEFIANCE is a song of pure rebellion. A sword to the neck of tyranny and an oath to defy any and all oppression. Prometheus could have shouted this out to Zeus from his crag in the Caucasus. Forge the iron of your will and answer the heart's call.


As you can see, the action of our tale shifts back and forth through time and place. In "DUST", Endyamon has awakened to the knowledge of his former life and death in all 7 of his incarnations. He's back from Purgatory and he's ready to kill ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The ending of the song leads into the short instrumental fragment.



Heralds another shift in the action. The quiet opening verse takes place with our friend Endyamon still in Purgatory. Once the power kicks in, he is back in present time and the slaughtering forges forward in earnest. Sometimes the Gods win, sometimes Humanity wins, but neither side backs down. War rains through all 7 Points of Darkness and Light and the Skies
are alive with the sounds of mayhem, rage, wrath, love and death. The Gods are crying out for the blood of Endyamon and Emalaith, for the time of the birth of the Twins is near and the Gods are fearful. Perhaps they recognize their own image in the face of Humanity, and this makes them afraid. Several musical themes recur here, listen closely.


With DOMINION DAY, Humanity is expressing its hope for a favorable outcome of the WAR OF WARS, and we look forward to that not so distant DAY with great, unbound joy ! All brothers and sisters unite, for We are One, and the Day of Reckoning draws nigh ! ! !


A SHADOW OF FEAR, is a cold steele ice-pick of Terror and disorientation driven straight through the Heart of Humanity. We are struck down by the High Ones, for what they consider to be our, "over reaching aspirations". We of course fight back ! ! ! If any of us had any doubts before about the full capacity for tyranny, abuse, and mercilessness of the Powers of the Heavens, we are secure now in the Knowledge that we can expect no quarter and we of course shall give no quarter.Another moment of pain, another death, another flame that burns away our old life and baptizes us into a new one.


As we arrive at VENI, VIDI, VICI, we find Endyamon addressing the Godhead directly for the last time. He doesn't expect an answer, but it is his nature to press on regardless. He questions, "Why must I who has suffered so much still suffer, why do you require absolute worship and obedience, why do you want us to fear you, etc." Endyamon tells the Omniscient One, if you do not alter your treatment, terms, response and behaviour towards us then you leave me no choice, but to completely
annihilate you! The Sky Father does not listen, the final assault begins and the Gods are vanquished ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Endyamon and Humanity are VICTORIOUS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! He sings, "I CROWN US KINGS", ushering in a moment of total delirious joy along with a new GOLDEN AGE! The Twins shall be born, the Line will continue and Emalaith and Endyamon
can live out the span of their years in peace (we hope!). Of course there is a question ... Will Humanity use its new found Power wisely and well, or will this Power corrupt from within like a cancer, leaving the next Generation no choice but to overthrow Us many Moons from now ??????? THE CHOICE, ... is Ours. Use the Power well ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BY THE GODS . . . OURSELVES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !