David DeFeis


David comes from a very theatrical family. His father Frederic is a Shakespearian actor who runs "The Arena Players Theatre", his own theatre company in New York. His sister Doreen is a gifted opera singer who performs all over Europe. The name DeFeis comes from a Celtic-Druid background and means 'of the fairgrounds'. It ties into a particular area in ancient Gaul, where the Druids held their rituals.

David is a classically trained pianist, with a Bachelor's degree in composition from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook, and he is currently working towards his Master's degree. As a vocalist, David is self taught, possessing a three and a half octave range of enormous power and expression. In addition to the VIRGIN STEELE releases, David's songs can be heard in the film HEAR NO EVIL, CASUALTIES OF LOVE, staring Alisa Milano, and the horror classic, ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE.