Wet and Warmer

WET AND WARMER (which was released February, 1921 BTW) was far from the previous film before REPORTED MISSING. There were three more Lehrman-Produced comedies for First National: A KICK IN THE HIGH LIFE, PUNCH OF THE IRISH (both released March, 1921), and A GAME LADY (released in July, 1921, although it may have been made earlier as it starred Lloyd Hamilton who had left Lehrman for Educational the year before). This ended Lehrman's contract with First National. People only went from one film to another when they had another film to go to. Lehrman was without a series after July. I have an announcement in the MPW dated July 30th, 1921 announcing Lehrman signing with Myron Selznick to write and direct four features starring Owen Moore. The last paragraph states "Just when production on the first Moore-Lehrman farce comedy will begin depends on the progress Mr Lehrman makes in writing the story and developing the preliminaries of production.". This could mean they were far from ready for production and the scandal might have back-burnered the first(and, as it turned out, only) Moore-Lehrman feature until the first part of 1922. Do we know whether REPORTED MISSING was shot on the west or the east coast? I have no conclusive evidence either way, but the cast indicates that it might have been shot in the East, and the picture's title writers all worked for New York newspapers. So Lehrman may have gone back east anytime in August 1921, to prep and shoot a picture that finally came out in April 1922.


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