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Sony prepping firmwares updates for PS3 launch
See, Sony saved its PlayStation Network online service functionality for a version 1.1 update, which can be accessed from a menu item on the PS3 on launch day. Sony says it's also prepping a 3.0 PSP update for late November that will
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Sony set to rock your body with wireless headphones
We've seen headphones (even toothbrushes) that use the human body (bones, specifically) to bypass your ears and send tunes straight into your noggin', but Sony looks to be reversing the processes, using the body to wirelessly mit
Japan’s Sony PlayStation 3 Launch Imminent
Lines are already forming outside retailers in Japan for a chance to snap up one of the 100000 PlayStation 3 consoles Sony has made available, beginning tomorrow. The US launch of the PS3 will begin November 17th, where Sony has said
Fox News Attacks Sony PlayStation Portable
I’m all for bashing the Sony PSP — it’s an overpriced handheld with a slew of awful games, but this is absolutely ridius. Fox 29 News is attacking the PSP for its WiFi Fox 29 News Attacks Sony PlayStation Portable [Fox 29 News
Sony Ericsson agrees to acquire Symbian subsidiary
Sony Ericsson has agreed to acquire UIQ Technology AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symbian Ltd. The Sweden-based software company licenses the UIQ user interface and application development platform to mobile phone vendors worldwide
Sony Ericsson to buy UIQ
Sony Ericsson, in a surprising movement (at least to me), has decided to acquire the UIQ Technologies division of Symbian. They must have their reasons, but can’t stop thinking one of them surely is the multiple critics that P990 has
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Queues Forming for Sony PlayStation 3 Launch
Queues of gamers anxious to get their hands on the PlayStation 3 console from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) have begun forming outside Tokyo electronics stores that plan to begin selling Sony PlayStation 3. Sony PlayStation 3
Sony: Celebrities Like the PlayStation 3
Because consumers always follow what celebrities do, Sony last night held an invitation-only party to let Hollywood's hottest young stars play the PlayStation 3 before its official Channel: Video Games Tags: ps3 celebrities like sony

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