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One Out All Out - John Bolton To Go
Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/6134734.stm. Looks like John Bolton, the arch-Republican US envoy to the UN, is to loose his job. Considering he has been a huge block to diplomacy in the forum,
Far be it from me to pile on
This is hilarious. HILARIOUS. Here's the YouTube video. I swear, this is worse than TomKat. Can someone please end this ridius adulation over celebrity bullshit? Can we get 13-19 year old kids thinking about something other than
What's In A Year Anyway?
So today is November 10, 2006. You probably haven't noticed but this blog turned a year old on November 8 with the 401st post being the Memo post. I forget whether the correct term is blogiversary or blogirthday but yeah,
24 Hours and a Pile of No-Doz
A quiet Thursday night as I watch two fraud Big East teams battle it out for most overhyped football team of all time. Louisville's offensive line looks like something out of a West Omaha Pop Warner league. In the real world,
Military Papers & Neo-Cons Pile On Rumsfeld
The Donald’s at the bottom of a big messy Abu Ghraib-style human rape pyramid today as the Gannett-owned military papers and three infamous White House neoconservatives jumped him 72 hours before the election. Army Times, Navy Times,
What's in a VFW? A pile of manure by any other name would smell
Veterans of Foreign Wars rejects veteran of foreign war. The election has passed, and the voters of Illinois' 6th Congressional District decided that 16-year veteran Maj. Tammy Duckworth will not represent them in the United States
All the News Our Tiny Little Minds Can Manage
Tom Engelhardt observes that Newsweek's international editions are all about losing the war in Afghanistan, but on the cover of the US edition is a celebrity photo spread
Million Dollar Savings Club: The Give-away Pile Strikes!
With over $50 in the giveaway pile I decided to finally give some away. Why not use the giveaway pile to leave a 30% tip? So that's what I did. The giveaway pile paid for it. Could I have left her a $20 or $30 tip? Certainly.
Murf vs a city department
As I get home this afternoon from work, I see that someone has added piles of leaves to the large pile I already have curbside. I can tell this because since my leaves have been there for 2 weeks, they have compacted. The two new piles
China's Pile Of Dollars
Brad Setser wrote about it last Friday. This morning the Wall Street Journal's Andrew Browne takes a turn (page A1 of the print edition):. Sometime in the next few days, China's holdings of foreign currencies and securities will top $1

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