Historical News

 Many historians  think that the name of Vicalvi comes from the Latin words "vicus albus"  

 (white village), because it was built on a hill  of white limestone rock.

 On the top of the hill (600 m elevation) there is a Medieval Castle.

 The historic Village is located around the Castle. Of  interest are the old  

 buildings  and the churches of  San Giovanni Battista Evangelista and S. 

 Peter, S. Antonio, S. Stefano, S. Rocco.


 Over  time some new quarters have been built down and  around

 the hill. Today the buildings  reach the floor of the Valley where

City Hall is located.

Towards south we find the ancient S. Francesco's Monastery.

 Very interesting  in Borgo's quarter is S. Nicandro Church.


 The  main quartes are the following:

 1) Centro Storico,

 2) Colle D'Agnese

 3) Mortale

 4) Delicata (City Hall)

 5) Maschiuna

 6) Castellana

 7) Palombo

 8) Colle Flonio

 9) Borgo

10) S. Francesco


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