Wat BupparamThe temple was founded in 1497 by KIng Muang Kaew and its Burmese style chedi rebuilt in 1958. Nearby is a well that provided holy water for the king. Although there are three viharns in the temple compound, it is the small viharn at the rear that is of interest. This exquisite viharn is more than three hundred years old and is decorated with stucco on wood. The viharn has unusual horizontal windows set with wooden pegs. Inside are dozens of Buddha images.

The larger viharn at the centre of the compound is approximately 200 years old with murals of the Maha Chat dating from about 50 years ago. The most recent structure (1996) in the compound is the hall (ho monthientham), built on the site of an earlier structure and is a fine example of contemporary religious workmanship. Inside are murals depicting the Lanna twelve month traditions. Two seated Buddha images occupy the first floor. The first image was carved after a vision by King Naresuan in the 16th century when he defeated the Burmese. Other aspects of the vision are related on the wall panels.