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Here are some pictures of models (not planes only) we entirely built in paper. We hope you enjoy this form of creativity in modelling as we do...

Qui c'e una serie di foto di modelli (non solo aerei) da noi costruiti interamente in carta. Noi speriamo che questa forma di creatività modellistica vi piaccia quanto piace a noi...


Three Italian WWII aircraft designed by F.Prudenziati

Breda Ba.65 attack plane Aermacchi MC.200 fighter Savoia Marchetti SM.79 bomber


From the same designer three famous fighter

Change-Vough Corsair Gloster Gladiator Curtiss P - 40 E


Fokker "Spinne" Schreuber kit Morane Saulnier "Bullet" from Fiddlers Green Sopwith Camel designed by F.Prudenziati

Three WWII experimental aircraft designed by Fiddlers Green

Focke-Wulf "Triebflugel" - never flew... "Flying Jepp" Rotabuggy - it really flew! Bachem Ba 349 "Natter" - its flights were disastrous


Mk.IVB "Male" tank designed by W. McCullough Carden - Loyd "Tankette" designed by F.Prudenziati


Some rockets and missiles. From the left: Nike-Ajax (B.Radelow designer) , Ariane 4 (P.Gauriat designer) , H IIa (T.Kojima designer) , and Navaho (B.Radelow designer)

Naboo Fighter from StarWars Episode I. From ABC magazine Fireball Starship from the old Gerry Anderson TV serie (designed by P.Fontaine) Fokker Eindecker IV by F.Prudenziati

Rascal missile designed by B.Radelow Weekender jacht from BJJB Association Yakovlev Yak 23 from Maly Modelarz magazine



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