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PAMPA HomePage The site of Precision Aerobatics Model Pilot Association, a worldwide organization sited in U.S.A., publisher of wonderful "STUNT NEWS" bi-monthly magazine. A "must" for the serious and sport stunt flyer.
MACA Hint & Tips, pictures, Events Calendar, Mailing List about Control Line Combat Airplanes.
N.C.L.R.A Goodyear Racing plans, Forum and other interesting features; fine bi-monthly "TORQUE ROLL" Newsletter.
C.L.A.P.A. A British Special Interest Group about C/L Stunt flying.
SLIS Sweden C/l site. Publishes a wonderful magazine ("LINA"). There is an interesting offer/wanted page (see "SLIS Kop & Saljside").
Modern stunt pattern Useful page with description and pictures of complete AMA rules and competition Stunt pattern.
Aeromaniacs Very interesting site with a lot of videos, pictures and projects.
C-L SPEED REVIEW For Speed enthusiasts the best of C/L Speed Forum.
Control Line Model Aircraft in Australia A nostalgic (and lovely) review of C/L flying in Australia from 1950 to today...
N.A.S.S. The official site of publishers of worldfamed "SPEED TIMES" magazine.
Peter Nyffeler's C/L 2 CAD Trainers Plans.
Dave Day's Control Line Page C/L flying explained, from the handle outwards. Massive Vintage and Classic eligible stunt models list.
Flightlines' R-C Watch C/L Forum.
cl_sardegna From Sardegna (Italy) a site devoted to F2D Combat. Contains also downloadable plans and an interesting control system program.
UK Control Line Navy Carrier A lot of Plans, Rules, Technical Suggestions and News about Navy Carriers Control Line airplanes.
Control line is my Fun! Interesting Japanese site (in English) about Stunt and Speed models and engines.
Goran Olsson's Control Line Pages A BULK of info for Team Racing and Goodyear Racing enthusiasts. Fine T/R history. T/R and Goodyear plans. And more...
Mfer Home Base A fine collection of rare and common c/l engines plus a very complete article on carbon fiber molds making.
Combat Plans A lot of vintage Combat and Stunt plans for sale. A "must" for the serious C/L historian and flyer.
Yahoo! Groups controllineflyingforum A very interesting C/L forum. Subscribe!
philbrown homepage A BIG list of C/L links.
Gruppo Aeromodellisti Bustesi The official site of a glorious italian group principally devoted to C/L specialities.
CLUBE DE AEROMODELISMO DE SANT'ANA From Brazil, Sant'Ana C/L Group website.   Eduardo Affonso's very nice website on C/L Stunt. Lovable graphics and a BULK of interesting stuff in Brazilian flavour.
F2A and F2C history   Pete Soule's enchanting website about C/L Speed history. Very nice reports, pictures and data.
CL plans Basic and Stunt Trainer downloadable plans by R.Stewart
classic control line A very interesting website. Step-by-step photo report about restoring classic C/L models with useful tips and techniques.
Stuka Stunt Control Line Forums The hottest Forums in the net.  Classifieds, Reviews, Events and all forms of Control Line spoken here!
Cisalpino The website of the most remarkable Italian C/L Stunt Association. News, contests reports, and a big archive of Stunt airplane plans!
Maulettilandia Very informative website about Control Line Racing and other specialities.
Aeromodelling Memories A lot of nice galleries: "Why I gave up R/C and learned to love C/L."
Victorian Stunt Dedicated mostly to preserving the History of Control Line activities in Victoria, Australia - from the 50's through to today
Club Tamaran A very dynamic and youngs-oriented C/L group in Gran Canaria
Chuck's Cardboard Model Aircraft The website dedicated to cardboard-built control line semiscale airplanes: gallery, technique explaination, plans list by Chuck Felton himself.
The Kirn Family  The website of Dale Kirn, the living legend of the MonoLine. A "must see" for the control line history enthusiast.
control-line-it The new Yahoo Group dedicated to ITALIAN CONTROL LINE. Join now!
Streamer Stalkers Principally devoted to Navy Carrier and Combat, this website offers various Control Line videogames!!!
Jim Walker's American Junior Classics Home The official website of JIM WALKER and his just reborn factory by Scott Griffith and Frank Macy
F4B Czech Mastership Control Line Scale masterpieces from Czech Republic by Martin Kurovsky
Le Riviste Italiane di Aeromodellismo Dinamico A GREAT website dedicated to ITALIAN AEROMODELLING MAGAZINES from 1925 to the present. 

The Brotherhood of the Ring

The website of a group devoted to the unforgettable STERLING RINGMASTER (read the BY-LAWS page, please)
Club Aeromodelistas La Mezquita The website of LA MEZQUITA, a very active club in Cordoba (Argentina)
StuntHangar One of the best. A very popular FORUM  devoted to control line stunt and more...

This is a PUBLICITY-FREE website. However, we understand there are some Companies which - courageousely - chose to devote theirselves to the Control Line Confraternity. So, below is a bit of webspace for them too...

Questo un sito DEPUBBLICITARIZZATO. Tuttavia, dobbiamo riconoscere il coraggio che alcune Aziende dimostrano dedicandosi esclusivamente al Volo Vincolato. Quindi, qui sotto c' un po' di spazio anche per loro...

  Tom Wilk - A huge collection of C/L references on CD-rom plus some interesting items

UltraHobby Home Page - Kits and accessories by J.Grigsby & S.Moon.

Black Hawk Models - A big range of kits, including Walt Musciano's Scientific kits.