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Below are some of our C/L airplanes. They are principally stunters, but there are also Combat, Team Racers, Trainers, Oldtimers, Electric-powered, and some oddities. Click to enlarge.

Questi sono i nostri ultimi modelli, per la maggior parte acrobatici. Non mancano,però, combat, team racing, trainer, oldtimers, elettrici e qualche stranezza. Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla.

CONTINENTAL stunt ship designed by C.Bergamaschi and built by Gabriele Macrì. Supertigre G.21/46 powered. T-TRAY little stunter designed by J.Snook in 1954. Built by Gabriele Macrì and powered by O.K. .049. FIREBALL, the first c/l airplane of the history. Designed and kitted by Jim Walker in 1940, has been scratchbuilt by Gabriele Macrì. S.T.23 engine.
P.A.T.1 trainer designed by Bill Netzeband in 1966 and built by Stefano Macrì. Powered by Cox Babe Bee, is an astounding trainer, BI-SLOB fun-fly stunter designed in the fifties by Ron Pavloer and built in four evenings by Gabriele Macrì (thank you, Solarfilm!). Classic Fox 35. Keil Kraft PHANTOM trainer built by Gabriele Macrì using Gilbert .11 for power.

TETHERED TRAINER designed in 1944 by Earl Cayton and built by Gabriele Macrì. Power: Ohlsson & Rice .23 (1949). Fly in relax! Combat WOODOO kitted by Goldberg and re-built by Gabriele Macrì: Supertigre G.21/35. Now (obviously) defunct. Mercury MIDGE designed in 1950 by Cyril Shaw and built by Gabriele Macrì. Powered by a not-so-fast Supertigre G.25 diesel (1955).

WARIO little stunter built by Stefano Macrì. With the power of Cox Babe Bee, it's a good flyer in wind too. ULTIMATE profile semiscale stunter by a Dick Sarpolus design built by Gabriele Macrì. Powered by Norvel .061. A fine little airplane and a fine little engine. AUTOGYRO designed by C.Wheldon in 1957. Built by Gabriele Macrì with Supertigre G.20 for power. No-problem flyer.

FALCON Mk.2 designed by M.Bees and built by Fabio Macrì. Webra Sport Glo .11 engine. MERCURY 1/2A TEAM RACER designed by H.J Nicholls in 1959 and built by Gabriele Macrì from the old kit. MVVS 1.5 diesel for power. P.51 MUSTANG designed by B. Ghibaudi in 1958. Built by Fabio Macrì and powered by Webra Sport Glo .11 engine.


MEECE III, a Mouse Racer designed by C.Coote and built by Stefano Macrì with a Cox Babe Bee for power.


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