Martina was born on 28th november 1984, with the Sagittarius starsign and ascending Leo. 
She lived in a small town called Impruneta, near Florence, where often she used to go out with her motorbike. She lived there with her mother Bianca, who passed on to her the love of acting and of feminist fights, and with her little sister Flavia, 13 years old,who became interested in singing and dancing. Since she started acting and becoming well known, Martina often stayed in Rome, in a flat with four friends, but now alone. 

Martina attends the 5th year of Social-Psycho-Pedagogy (State Secondary school), an experimental kind of Classical studies and training college mixed together. Her favourite subjects are Italian and philosophy, she doesn't like maths. She is proud to have lead the school council for the reforms. Her political belief is leftist (on the left). Her idol is Che Guevara. 

She studied acting at the school of teacher Massimo Mattioli, in Tavarnuzze (Florence). Between the age of 10 and 13 she worked to help the promotion of GIG's shoes "Lelly Kelly". She also worked in the world of fashion for some stylists, under agency Casting Model Management (Florence), but she isn't a fanatic of look and shopping. She did it only "in order to buy the motorbike". She likes large jeans, t-shirts and jackets. Her favourite colour for dressing is black. 

She loves pasta with tomato, ravioli with butter and sage and all the vegetables. She doesn't love particularly sweets, but she likes Nutella. 
Her favourite singers are Vasco Rossi and Carmen Consoli, Rem and Red Hot Chili Peppers. She likes rock and reggae. 
Between the books she liked "Oceano mare" and "Novecento", by Alessandro Baricco, "I ragazzi dello Zoo di Berlino", and the classical of Hermann Hesse, "Narciso and Boccadoro" and "Siddartha". She also liked "The little prince" very much. Other favourite writers include Castaneda and Elsa Morante. 
At the cinema, recently, she adored "Amelie", Crialese's "Respiro" and Sorrentino's "L'uomo in più". 
She likes to rollerblade. She hates computers and sms, she once said: "I remained at the age of the carrier-pigeons!". She likes letters better than e-mails. 

She worked during 2002 to promote Killer Loop Eyewear and Buti Watches, and also Chopard jewels at Cannes 2002. From 2003 she is also promoting the new line "Skin Loving Colors" of Biotherm. Finally she likes Laura Biagiotti and Lorenzo Riva, as stylists.  

At cinema, surpassing more than 400 spectators, she debutted in 2000, acting in Rome in September and October, in the Italian successful film of 2001 "L'ultimo bacio", directed by Gabriele Muccino. This film was a triumph in many festivals, like David of Donatello and others. Martina is also in the video for the homonymous song by Carmen Consoli. 
In may 2001 she acted in the first video of the upcoming singer Daniel, intitled "Imparando". 

At the end of May 2001 she acted, in Puglia (Southern Italy), the first comedy of the director Gianluca Greco, "Nemmeno in un sogno", which was set in a touristic village near Peschici. 

At the end of June 2001 she moved to Cervia and Milano Marittima (near Riccione) on the set of "Un amore perfetto",which was the first work of director Valerio Andrei. Joining Martina in the cast was also the famous italian singer Cesare Cremonini, leader of "Lùnapop" pop-band, at the debut in a movie. Shooting for the film finished halfway through August  in Rome. 

The last hard work of Martina for the big screen was "Amnèsia", which was based between Ibiza and Formentera (Balearic Islands), from half of September to end of November. Directed from the Academy Award winner Gabriele Salvatores and with other actors, like Diego Abatantuono, Sergio Rubini and Alessandra Martines. 

Halfway through January 2002, "Un amore perfetto" was presented to the press, and it came out on 25th. 
Near the end of February 2002, "Amnèsia" was presented to the press and, after some parties in the clubs of the whole Italy, it came out on 8th March in Milan and on 15th March in the other cities. 

Between one and other movie, Martina found time to act a short-movie with some friends, in Rome, with co-starring Silvio Muccino, brother of more famous Gabriele and seen in Gabriele Muccino's "Come te nessuno mai" ("But forever in my mind") in 1999. 
We are talking about the short "Il 2 novembre", directed by Godano Bros. Leonardo and Simone and presented in Arcipelago Film Festival in Rome on 4th June 2002. 

Summer 2002 of Martina will be remembered, more than anything else, 'cause her nice and rumoured love-story with Valentino Rossi, broke up with the end of the same summer. 
On 18th September in Rome and on 19th in Milan, finally the film "Nemmeno in un sogno" was released, an unreal comedy of a strange and funny clandestine in Italy. 

Autumn 2002, instead, had seen Martina very busy in two ways: preparation of musical "Aggiungi un posto a tavola", directed by Pietro Garinei, in theatre in Milan from 17th December 2002, and the shots of Rai fiction "Imperium - Augusto", an international production with an enormous set in Tunisia, with actors like Peter O'Toole, Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Irons. 

In the meantime Martina begins to be known abroad, thanks to success in Europe and in U.S. and South America of "The last kiss", in France known as "Juste un baiser", in Spain and some latin countries as "L'ultimo beso", in German as "Ein letzter kuss". 

After her 18th birthday on 28th November 2002, Martina went to live alone  in Rome, the city that she adores, and she hopes to have soon a driving licence. 

She would like to be directed by Tuscans like Roberto Benigni or Paolo Virzì, or by a Master like Giuseppe Tornatore. Abroad she admires Martin Scorsese and Sofia Coppola, whose "Virgin suicides" was loved by Martina. 

From 17th December 2002 Martina is working at theater with the musical "Aggiungi un posto a tavola", first in Milan, than in Naples, finally in Rome until May 2003. 
In Spring, on Tv, we will see Martina in "Imperium - Augusto", on channel RaiUno. 

In february 2003's Cosmopolitan Martina appears on the cover: the first Italian with this honour! 

Last update 23-1-2003
Thanks to "Kiri"