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The catalogue of the Italian paleoherpetofaunas

All the literature concerning the Italian palaeoherpetofaunas is being collected.

Up to June 2003 more than 700 articles, covering more than 200 years of research, have been identified.
Although it's practically impossible to find EVERY published paper, some "periods" are better known than others.
At the moment, the Cenozoic literature is particularly well known.

Approximately 1150 data, obtained from the literature so far recovered, have been inserted in an Excel file. For each datum (intended as taxon/site or better SPLOC -Species Per Locality OCcurrences- datum) the following information are listed: taxonomic allocation, chronological allocation, class, order, family, site, province, region and references.
Ichnofossils are also included in the database.

Papers authored by Italian researches and concerning non Italian herpetofaunas are also collected but their data are not inserted in the database.

If you publish or encounter papers devoted to, or simply quoting, the Italian palaeoherpetofaunas, please, notify them to

_ DELFINO M., 1997. Italian paleoerpetofauna database: Neogene-Quaternary. Herpetology '97. Abstract III World Congress of Herpetology, Prague, Czech Rep., 2-10 August 1997: 51-52.
_ DELFINO M., 2003. The Cenozoic record of the Italian palaeoherpetofauna. In: Pavia M. & Violanti D. (eds.): Abstracts and Programme of the "Giornate di Paleontologia 2003 (SPI), Alessandria, Italy, May 22-25 2003: p. 14. [in Italian]
_ DELFINO M., 2004. The Cenozoic evolution of the Italian herpetofauna. Abstract 32nd International Congress of Geology, 20-28 August 2004, Firenze, Italy, Abstract Volume pt. 1, abs. 150-7, p. 704. Abstract

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The following people fournished data, references or helped in locating overlooked or hard to find papers:
Aimar A. (Torino), Albarella U. (Durham), Barisone G. (Roma), Brazzatti T. (Trieste), Benuzzi M. (Bologna), Bon M. (Venezia), Bressi N. (Trieste), Burgio E. (Palermo), Cavallo C. (Amsterdam), Ceregato A. (Bologna), Chesi F. (Firenze), Dal Sasso C. (Milano), Dalla Vecchia F.M. (Monfalcone), Del Favero L. (Padova), Dell'Oro F. (Asmara), Fanfani F. (Firenze), Ferretti M. (Firenze), Fritz U. (Dresden), Gallai G. (Firenze), Kotsakis T. (Roma), Marisa A. (Rovereto), Miklas P. (Wien), Ormezzano D. (Torino), Pavia M. (Torino), Piras P. (Roma), Razzetti E. (Milano), Rebecchi A. (Piacenza), Renesto S. (Milano), Salvidio S. (Genova), Santi G. (Pavia), Sostero G. (Udine), Szyndlar Z. (Krakow), Tagliacozzo A. (Roma), Tentor M. (Monfalcone), Tintori A. (Milano), Thun Hoenstein U. (Ferrara).

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