The idea of building my own photographic site was born from the fact that, having more than 2.000 slides, I had to find a method to archive them. I did not find a correct method, may be because I did not feel the real need of it, but, looking at my slides I decided to share them with people loving photography.

The internet gives to all of us this tremendous opportunity.

From that moment my goal has become to digitalize the slides I prefer in each argument and to put them in the various sections of this site

Despite the quality of the original shots, I have to admit that the quality of the images shown in this site, as far as their digital rendering is concerned, is not as high. But, as any photographer, my highest  attention is dedicated to the moment of the shooting; in that very moment I want from the images the best.

My opinion is that no digital image, at affordable costs, could compete today with a good slide film, as far as the print quality is concerned, but a good digital camera can be enough for images to put in the net.

The images you see here are shot with various traditional instruments, mainly Nikon cameras with Nikkor lenses, Velvia, Provia 100 and Ektachrome films, and just a few with a Canon Ixus digital camera. The images shot the traditional way, have been later digitalized with various instruments: most of them have been photographed with the Ixus digital camera and then worked with Photoshop; a few of them have been digitalized from prints. Starting from New York section the images have been digitalized with a Canon Canoscan Fs 2710; the result is obviously better and now I have a big doubt: is better to go on with new sections with higher quality images, or is it better to start digitalizing again the images already shown in the site giving therefore to all of you a better quality but for a longtime the same images? I will probably choose the first solution and so I will continue publishing new images with the new quality standard and, when the work will be finished, I will publish older images with a better quality.

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