Bridging the language barrier



I am a freelance translator (mother tongue – Russian) and I provide translations from and into


English, Italian, Russian and Belorusian


I offer high-quality translation and language training services to institutions, businesses and private persons who expect efficient and professional handling of their materials. Whatever your needs, deadlines or sensitivity of the assignment are ,I am confident I can provide excellent service to you.






Translation of general documents (letters, brochures, handbooks), technical documents (manuals, guides, instructions, contracts), specific sector (marketing, IT, petroleum and academic literature) and literature (novels, articles, stories).


Proof-reading (for scientific articles, etc)


Interpreting  accompaniment for tourists, non specific trade-shows, show rooms, etc.








There are no hidden charges because there are no mediators. I'll always let you know the end cost and stick to it! This said there can be additional charges for extra services, like working with less accessible formats or working with a project that is very urgent and requires me to put other work on the back burner.


The price is based on the language combination you require, the length of text required in words, the subject matter, and the overall complexity of the project.



Translation is charged by a unit which is a page of 1 500 signs spaces included of the translation itself.   There is a minimum fee equal to the fee of one page.  Any dates, addresses, phone numbers or other numerals or codes that appear in the translated text will also count as words since I have to type them even though I don't have to translate them. If you would like a quote with no obligation, please send a copy of the text for translation by email.


Non specific projects (marketing, political sciences, catalogues, cinema, PR, novels, tourism, etc.)


English –Russian or Italian –Russian 15 € per page (1500 signs)

Russian-English or Russian Italian      16 € per page



Specific project (scientific or commercial) - archeology, biology, cosmetics, civil rights, ecology, electronics, guaranties, geology, industry, commercial letters, manuals)


English –Russian or Italian –Russian  19 € per page

Russian-English or Russian-Italian      20 € per page



Interpreting       25 € /hour



Proof-reading   depending on the text (normally 20-30% of the                                                 translation price)



Payment is not required before delivery.  I will advise you of the final cost of the assignment before delivery. I request that accounts be paid within 30 days.





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Olga Panasiuk


Tel.: +39 334 9876934


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