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Welcome to tbas, a console interpreter for the BASIC language, in a structured version (no need for line numbers even if it can deal with them), complete with many math functions and many many features!


Available documentation (which is contained into the downloadable package and is linked here for your convenience):


The tbas executable, before use, must be compiled and installed. I suggest the following very easy procedure in 4 steps (use the terminal):

1) Copy the package somewhere, and unpack it; it will unpack into a directory named tbas.1.0.XXX.src;

2) Now, choose a directory in your path, where executables will be saved; let's assume it's ~/bin (that is the sub-directory /bin in your Home directory, but you can choose any). Edit the Makefile to customize addresses for tbas (e.g., among the rest, change the install directory to ~/bin, commenting the undesired destinations and leaving un-commented ONE ONLY valid destination) using the destination directory you chose.

3) get into tbas source directory and type the following (be sure to have gcc installed):

$ make
$ make install

(the latter may require root privileges if you try to install tbas into system directories, as suggested by default in the Makefile).

For Mac Users: in case you want to install tbas into some system directory (e.g. /user/local/bin), remember that root privileges are not required, as long as you can access an administrative login: in this case, after make, login as an administrator with

$ su

(being the username of the administrator) - you will be requested of a password - and then install the software with

$ sudo make install

$ exit

4) now type the following to test the correct installation:

$ tbas –help

This shows the basic features of tbas and you're done!

Download tbas

Version 1.0.Beta (September 15, 2019)

Well, this new release requested a quite endless turn of changes, and for all the new features and corrections I thank Bruce Axtens and Tom Lake who, along with my friend Ian Jones, helped me to release this Beta version... Thanks also to Marcus Cruz, who suggested a couple of interesting improvements

You can download tbas Beta sources here.

The Windows binaries (gently provided by Bruce) can be found here:

Windows 32bit binary

Windows 64bit binary

The introduction of the interactive session (suggested by Tom) led to a number of problems (mainly the error detection system and the insertion/deletion/substitution of lines), problems that Bruce, Tom and Ian signaled in great quantity during the development phase, and that I finally manage to solve. I mean most of them. This required rewriting part of the code to adapt it to the interactive session. In any case now it's time to let you use it and test it.

WARNING: I removed all differences from Unix and not-Unix systems; tbas can now be compiled under Linux only, or under Windows with CygWin/MinGW installed and run from there (though not every feature is guaranteed to work). It's too onerous and overwhelming treating more than one Operating System...

New additions:

Solved bugs:

Version 1.0.alpha (build 3) (January 14, 2018)

Infinite thanks to Bruce Axtens, who, for this version, discovered many bugs (oh my!) and push me to add new features!. He also put tbas code to the Rosetta code site. Well done!

Bruce, Ian and I are the tbas team!

You can download tbas Alpha 3 sources here.
You can download tbas Alpha 3 executable for Windows, compiled by Bruce Axtens, here.

changelog for version Alpha 3


Infinite thanks to Ian Jones , a friend and a great tester, who compiled and ran tbas an incredibly high number of times, finding all sort of errors in the listings. Ian and I are the tbas team!