A collage exhibition by Angela Caporaso

"A tribute to Pier Vittorio Tondelli"

"Tondelli Imperfetti" is a travelling collage exhibition
which was set in many places.
First at Caserta, in December 1993, at the Associazione Culturale Triangolodue,
then at San Leucio and Napoli-where writer Antonella Cilento
gave a speech too.
The last exhibition was set in December 2002 at Tenax club in
Firenze, where Marino Sinibaldi interviewed Angela Caporaso
during a live national broadcast, Fahrenheit
which aired on Radio3 on 27/12/2002.

"Tondelli Imperfetti" was made in memory of late writer
Pier Vittorio Tondelli
who passed away in 1991 a the age of 36.

Each time exhibition grew with more artistic experiences,
so that the openings became memorial happenings
featuring musical, stage and literary performances.
All of them, of course, related to the manifold personality
of the writer, of his novels and his times.

Some have said these collages are the "visualization
of Tondelli's prose", seeing the same
frantic and measured rhythms of Tondelli's writing
as the artist made fast and wild assemblages of
diverse elements (disconnected paper clips, clear geometrical
forms, Plasticine...).
This is as true as the link between the tragic childish
naivety of the early works by the writer and the comic,
playful, and still desperately hollow element
the collages display.
In short, the innocence and merciless rapidity
that consumed the experience of the late '70s generation, the
"Other Libertines" who turned the "here and now" into
the theme of their own existence.

"Contamination" is the theme of our artistic journey.
The best word to fit these collages is intermediality.
These works are between media, and are meant to contaminate
them and break the boundaries usually put among forms of art.
Collages contaminate literature (with quotes by Penna, Leavitt,
Genet, Mishima, Gide), cinema, comics (Linus, Alan Ford
Pazienza's drawings, Dylan Dog, Topolino),
psychedelic, oneiric visions, TV and commercials
(Barilla, Nutella).
All this as a way to show the complexity of our life
in one natural visual rendering, after having swallowed,
chewed and spat it out,
disarranging and rearranging our space
in an endless, obsessive and wearing two-dimensional game.

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